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Full Version: Hopeless and Helpless in Seattle
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We are in a campaign where we are teenagers with some techno goodies and skills. We have had to run from where we were, and we are living in the barrens. We have no food, we have no money, but we have a stolen car POS car. Our characters do not know anything about living outside the law at all, so we are a bit paranoid. The first night we stayed in an abandoned building where the basement is infested with devil rats!!

We all are starving, so we decided to go to the dump to find out how other poor idiots in this situation live. Most of the party has SINs that would get the immediately arrested by the military, and my char is SINless.

So basically, we have nothing, no contacts, we are wanted, and we don't even have a safe squat.

We have a reasonable GM, and things aren't going to degenerate into a really bad situation (LOL), but I would like some thoughts so that I am not forced to jump at any straw I am offered by the GM. Anyone have any thoughts? Where do you get food, shower, etc? Thought about finding a decent sized gang to do some work for, but that could go terribly wrong.

Also, do technomancers need an MSP?
Shower at the gym, sneak into a public pool, a homeless shelter, or at the beach bathrooms (hope it isn't winter).

Food - Dumpster dive. Go downtown around 10-1030 when most restaurants are closing up and throwing out the extra/left over food. You could always knock over a Stuffer Shack, but as you're already wanted, adding to that probably won't help.

If you have anyone with a high charisma, you could always strip. wink.gif Men and ladies both have needs, and some go the other way. Better not be shy though.

You could also roll other bums for what they've got, but they're probably used to it, and carry a knife at least. Basically, that's at the point where you start looking at gangs. They usually form for mutual protection and needs anyway.

If you've got some tech skills, you could try hacking and stealing cars, hacking phones creating dummy accounts, hacking vending machines and getting tons of junk food and flats (clothes). You mentioned a technomancer, so that should be fairly easy. And no, they don't need an MSP to get access, but if you want e-mail or a phone, you're going to need something. They should be able to connect to someone else's commlink for an out going "call" but it's hard for someone to call your brain back.
I'd suggest hooking up with one of the gangs. Not the best long-term solution, but if you have skills they may need, it'll get you a safe place to sleep, food, clothes, some run-down second hand gear, and protection. The smaller the gang, the less resources they'll be able to provide but the easier it'll be to leave if/when you graduate to the big leagues and start 'running.
The SR3 book "Sprawl Survival Guide" has a great section about a SINner who goes undercover in the shadows and how she works her way up. It would offer alot of good advice if you can find a copy.
As has been said, hack/spoof whatever you can, and if it's not a manned/staffed service, even better. Bus rides, coffin hotels, taxis, vending machines (for all sorts of items, not just food)... sky's the limit.

Also, see if your GM will let you use the Spoofing Life rules from Unwired. My current character's a vagabond by choice, but whenever he doesn't feel like sleeping in some found cranny he takes a few days out of the month and hacks his way into the good life. This month, he's got a nice loft rental in Snohomish and a reasonably cozy residence hotel to choose from whenever he gets bored, complete with food, water, heat, and cable.

Technomancers don't need an MSP, but just like anyone else, they probably find it kind of convenient to have access to one. In your case it might not be a priority, though... nyahnyah.gif
Some gangs are a better call than others. There are gangs around that are essentially just protecting their little piece of the barrens, and others who have more grand designs. If you work your way in with one of the security gangs you have a better shot.

Otherwise, its finding some place to squat, stealing some security measures, getting vending machine flats, and scavenging for goods that you can use or sell.
The Dragon Girl
Truck stops have showers at them too. Try looking for jobs they only give to SINless (you can just not use a SIN), trash sorting, salvage. collect bottles and cans and things to turn in for chits at recycling places. safest thing for protection -is- to hook up with a gang, but getting back out again could be hard to impossible. could always go the joyboy/girl route too, and I know corps'll pay SINless to test out new drugs and drek for them.
Security gangs are useful, if your group has the right Metatype makeup.

If you've got a few Orks, Trolls, or even Ork Posers on your team, you can try to get in with the Crimson Crush in Redmond.

If you're willing to duck into the Underground, the Skraacha are another "Security" type gang, dedicated to fighting off Anti-Metahuman organizations.

However, both of these groups have a heavy Ork bias. Unless your group consists entirely of Orks, Trolls, and Ork Posers, you're going to have some trouble...

Personally, I think your best bet would be the Plastic Jungles in Redmond. They're basically a farming commune. You can get food, clean water, and rest in relative safety while you figure out what to do. There isn't a Metatype Bias either.

The folks living in the Plastic Jungle also frequently hire Runners to help supplement their security, since some of the more violent gangs like to raid the domes for food. It doesn't pay well, but it can lead to further contacts...
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