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Full Version: On Screen Mapping Tool or White Board Tool
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I am looking for something I can run on my laptop and repeat up to a 40" screen during sessions that could be as simple as a white board I can draw on and then move dots or marks on ...with dots or marks representing my runner teams and bad guys...even X's and O's would work...

If I could draw walls and such details that would be great too...

Anyone know of a tool that would be good like that, free or even purchasable?

I don't really care about tiles or detailed terrain but want to be able to diagram a battle scene and if possible use virtual marker/tokens to slide around on that screen?

I am sure you can find something much better thats actually designed for the purpose. But "Onenote" in the Microsoft Office pack would probably work. (not included in all packages)
I use it for keeping all my shadowrun notes, as its easy to move text, images around. not to mention that its fairly easy to draw something.
If you don't already have an office license with that program in it, i recommend you to keep searching, since its quite pricy. Although, you can get it for dirt cheap if you are a student i believe.
While I've never used this for shadowrun, I have found it useful for playing the game that causes cancer. I don't see any reason why it wouldn't work just as well with shadowrun. It also includes a diceroller as well, if my memory serves me correctly.
Last gaming session, I used GIMP. I used one layer for the map, and then made another layer for the positions of characters (represented by letters). When they moved, I just deleted them. If need be, you can do each character on a new layer, or each turn on a new layer, whatever.
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