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Full Version: Mt. Rainier refs
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Anyone have a good list of references for Mt. Rainier in SR cannon? My next session is set there, and any in book refs for laying it out would be great. I own damn near every book from 2nd and 3rd ed, and a fair number of 4th ed books, it's just a little time intensive going through searching for through all of them...

-- Without doing an in-depth search I know that the Seattle sourcebooks always mention it, at least in passing.

Quick search:

Seattle 2072
(p. 9) Still gets ashfall.
(p. 23) Smokin' Rainier
(p. 27) Erupted on August 17, 2017 at 10:32 Pacific Time.
(p. 125) Still spits out ash. Wiped out local forest resources and mines. Mowich Laval Flow wiped out large sections of Puyallup. Corps wanted to build geothermal power plants on the hardened lava (huh?)
(p. 157) Western dragon named Urubia has a lair near Mt. Rainier.
(p. 168) Gaeatronics geothermal taps along Mt. Rainier. Earlier reference (p. 128 and 143) also mentions solar.
Thanks for the start... couldn't remember if any books did a longer writeup than passing mentions... unfortunately I suppose if one did it would be one of the NAN books, which the only early location books I don't own frown.gif
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