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Full Version: Running Harlequin's Final Run
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So I've been running Shadowrun for my current group for about 6 months now, and the very first session I ran the first section of Harlequin for them as an "Introductory Mini-Module."

Ever since then, I've done one "Mini-Module" after every normal run. The players know little about the Harlequin module, and all they really know is that it's a "killer" module. Every time I mention it, they groan with trepidation. None of them suspect at all that this is what they've been running off-and-on since the first session.

I'm now getting ready to run "Present" as they just kidnapped Frosty today. Now, when it comes to mood music, presentation, lighting, props and so on, I'm a huge sucker. When the players finally meet Harlequin, he's wailing on his guitar playing "alternately fast and slow but always powerfully"

The module describes the tune as otherworldly but familiar. I need some 15-20 second clip to play to set the stage for him. It needs to fit the flavor description AND it needs to be something that personifies Harlequin as a character. I've chosen to portray him as a very jaded & dark character who simply uses the Joker shtick to keep his cynicism in some semblance of balance. I plan on developing him as someone who is, quite frankly, ready to move on to the next life, but only his fear and heartbreak at whatever tragedy broke him back in the 4th world keep him from doing it. There's also a small but strong portion of him that feels compelled to step-up and fight for the little guy since no one else (Big D not withstanding) will do it.

I plan to end this SR game in a few months or a year with a massive go at Harlequin's back.

Any suggestions on the music? I've been tossing around a few ideas in my head from Highway to Hell to Dream On, but I just can't find it.
Wolfmother? They have kind of a melodic guitar driven style in several songs...Joker and the Thief as the track possibly?
You might try Ghost Love score, by Nightwish. Or this:
Another possibility is the scene in The Crow where Draven is up on the roof playing his guitar.
I second The Crow movie score as that movie came out around the time I ran Harlequin and I used it heavily as mood music. Also if you can find a good techno version of Moonlight Sonata thats what I used while Harlequin was performing the ritual. I can't seem to find my mp3 of it anymore.
Look for some Joe Satriani Possibly the song Circles
Manowar in acapella!
In the scene when they first met him, I went with Stairway to Heaven. That was something like seven years ago, and to this day, that song still reminds all of my players of Harlequin. Seemed to do the trick.

Edit: If you do Harlequin's Back later, I'd suggest throwing in some music there to, as the setting changes. Really helps set the mood. I went with Regulators and Ghetto Cowboy in the western scene. biggrin.gif It was good stuff.
You can't go wrong with this. wink.gif
Not sure if this is what you had in mind, but I think Opeth's Damnation album would work great. Try Closure, especially the ending melody. Windowpane might work as well.
Just out of curiousity - did anyone else keep the rapier when they ran it? I know I ended up using it pretty extensively before I ended up being the designated gm-monkey, even dropping a small fortune on orichalcum to turn it into a weapon focus.
Collide - Euphoria perhaps as BGM
If they aren't Battlestar Galactica fans you can use the version of "All Along the Watchtower" from the ost. I know, its been done, but a good GM knows that everything you do is stolen, the best you can do is be unobtrusive about it wink.gif
QUOTE (JongWK @ Jun 13 2010, 06:54 PM) *
You can't go wrong with this. wink.gif

cyber.gif Win
QUOTE (JongWK @ Jun 13 2010, 04:54 PM) *
You can't go wrong with this. wink.gif


I attempt to work that song in anywhere I can. Not just in shadowrun, but in life. rotate.gif
Orcus Blackweather
Hmm I would go with Culture Club maybe. How about Rick Astley

Hmmmm how about Jeffrey Star
Raven the Trickster
Seconded on the BSG version of All Along the Watchtower. Great song.
There are a lot of good ideas here. I've decided to splice together 4 different songs in order to "alternate slowly and quickly, but always powerfully."

I'm starting out with Stairway to Heaven (Can't believe I forgot that one here) for when they arrive and start climbing the stairs. At the 20 story mark it'll fade out and Harlequin will bust out the solo from The Crow. After that fades we've got a brief moment of Dream On which will transition into Wolfmother's Joker and the Thief right as the players reach the top.

I know it's not in the module, but I think I'm going to put an earth elemental on the drums. It seems like something Harley would appreciate. It'll give an appropriately epic (epically absurd) introduction.

Of course, during the final duel between Harley & Ehran, and the PC's, the dragon, Tir Elves, and Ehrans goons I'll bust out Dragonforce's Through The Fire and the Flames. It seems oddly appropriate given that we've got a pissed off dragon wrecking shop.

Thanks for the ideas guys.
Isis - Wrists of Kings or 1,000 Shards

March of cambreadth might work

I can recommend Blind Guarding. Maybe "Nightfall" or "Blood tears". The intro parts are quite cool. You can tryout both on youtube.
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