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Full Version: Security Tally Resetting
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A decker manages to rack-up an unusually high security tally before they reach their target destination in the matrix (attempting to redirect datatrails through corp private grids is not a good idea). Time is somewhat critical, so he can't just wait 30 minutes for the grids to reset. Is there any faster way to do it? Can you jack-out and find the host again hope for a lower security tally when you try again? What about if you use a different jackpoint? Maybe even a different deck?
Not as i understand it. Though switching to a different jack point might do (or am i applying too much real world logic? Bad me)

But to honest, even if you could use a different jack point, If a grid hits an alert Status (Passive or Active) since that effects everyone and not just the person who triggered it they wouldn't drop any quicker.
Kanada Ten
IMO, Different jack point and deck/persona/ect should help. But the best way is to have someone on the inside hit "RESET" when nobody is looking.
Crimson Jack
I would rule in favor of a different jack point offering a lower security tally. I've always liked the idea of deckers being able to do their thing just about anywhere. But, if a team decides that they need to break into a building to get the job done, and the decker opts to follow and use an I/O from within, I'll give him/her a lower sec/tally. Just seems to make sense, plus its a small but nice reward for taking more risk IMHO.
Is there a way to cancel an alert on a system?
It involves a big magnet.


In SR, it's just a big fragging rock.
QUOTE (Grey @ Feb 25 2004, 01:19 AM)
Is there a way to cancel an alert on a system?

Apart from waiting for them to calm down, Not By Canon. Though A superuser i suppose could, since they can also force a host shut down with the system overiding them.

[EDIT] God damn, i should really learn how to spell the only language i know
As I always interpreted it (and thus I could be wrong wink.gif), the security-tally and alert level is a system-wide thing, reflecting generally how aware the host is that it has been tampered with.

This seems like it is pretty much independent of where the intrusion is coming from, etc. Analysis routines would be monitoring traffic to make sure that nothing further is up, IC will stay on alert as needed, etc, until the system figures that things are back to the status quo. If you come in from a new jackpoint, I imagine that you'd be jsut as subject to scrutiny as if you re-logged in thru your old entry point.

This is of course my interpretation of it. smile.gif Some might like the idea of hosts having a different security sheaf (and perhaps different tally/alert sscales) based on whether the user is jacked in locally or from an external source -- but, the distributed nature of many hosts (possibly not even hosted on-site, if we follow our dedicated hosting pattern for current net servers) might mean that even legitemate users are not "local", but are simply from a set of known hosts/jackpoints; thus, it's likely that a host would be equally paranoid about all connections, traffic, and processing requests.

Or at least, that seems like how the prident system designer would do it ... (but, I will also admit, since when have the SR matrix rules been based on reality? wink.gif)
as far as i remember, alerts are systemwide, but tally is tied to a specific user. now, how the system knows that it's "you" again if you logout/login, i'm not sure, but by canon it does.

unless you find a place that Never Housecleans, or you've got the Original Manuals. :)
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