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I am going to be running a game for an old friend in Wisconsin. I am located in Seattle.

Are there any online programs that support Shadowrun's unique dice system? I want to confirm die rolls and keep everyone honest.
AIM chatrooms allow you to roll in them. You'll have to do rule-of-6 yourself, but you have to with real dice too.

Wu Jen
You could use Darkrelic to do the game and dice rolling and something like roger wilco for the voice chat part if you want.

Seattle Darkrelic (DRSL)
John Campbell
We use a dicebot of my own creation in our IRC games. I slapped it together the evening before our first session, because we couldn't find one for download that didn't suck. It's got built-in support for all of the common SR dice mechanics - it understands target numbers, open tests, Rule of Sixes, Rule of Ones (including sarcastic comments when you botch), and #+#d6 initiative style rolls - along with more generic dice rolling and some mechanics from other games like L5R, plus some other useful features, like the ability to make rolls privately and send the results only to the person rolling and the GM.

Unfortunately, it's rather heavily dependent on the particular setup I run it on... it needs Perl to run and piggybacks on top of ircii-EPIC to interface with IRC, and I wouldn't even guarantee that it could handle a different version of EPIC. I've been meaning to clean it up, at least so that it could handle the IRC connection without having to go through EPIC, write some documentation (at the moment, the !help command simply suggests that you ask me how it works), and put it up for download, but that'd take more effort than I've been motivated to put in lately.
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