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Magical Tradition: Providence description

Constructed according to the Street Magic sourcebook, thought I'd share. Feedback welcome.
Hm hm... very nice/bleak/awesome philosophy.

I like it, and it seems very fitting for a shadowrunnner with the prospect of well... ego-centered morals and values. Hm, not much to say, i guess, since i don't want to start a philosophical debate *g*. Well done.

Copy and Paste for easier reference:

magic tradition: Providence


Providence is the evolution of existentialism that regards magic as
divine intervention in a cosmic theatre defined for the individual.



- combat: guardians
- detection: man
- health: plants
- illusion: fire
- manipulation: water

drain: willpower + intuition


The Providence tradition revolves around the interaction between three
major entities: the Self, the Universe, and the Meta-universe. In
this set of beliefs, reality is likened to a dream. The Universe is
the physical reality and as such is determined autonomously by a rigid
set of physical laws, if left to itself. The Self perceives the
Universe through its physical senses, and it is a fundamental notion
that such perception is entirely subjective.

In the Providence approach, the Universe exists to make some
particular impression on the Self: whether to teach the Self a lesson,
or to entertain the Self, or to bring the Self to enlightenment. The
exact purpose will be specific to the individual, and that
individual's perception of the Universe will be moulded accordingly.

The Meta-universe is the abstract entity (perhaps a collection of gods
playing a game, or some omniscient essence) that determines what
purpose the Universe has for the Self. Hence, those who have awakened
have attained Providence: the Meta-universe has taken an interest in
them being able to play a more defining role in the Universe. If the
Meta-universe's purpose is of teaching the individual a lesson, then
awakening is analgous to a lecturer for a large class deciding to
personally tutor a given student. If the Meta-universe's purpose is
of an artistic nature, then awakening is an invitation to the Self to
work collaboratively on a project.

Everyone in the Universe other than the Self can be likened to a
puppet of the Meta-universe, and the non-living are simply the
Meta-universe's stage. Spirits are special actors created by the
Meta-universe, and mana in general is the string by which the
Meta-universe manipulates the puppets. Magical influence is therefore
a product of the Self's will, but is always intermediated by the

The process by which magic users control the Universe is similar to
lucid dreaming. Just as one becomes aware in a dream and is able to
influence the dream environment, the Self becomes aware of the
subjective nature of the Universe. The Meta-universe may then choose
to manipulate some aspects of the Universe on the Self's behalf,
outside of the Universe's usual physical laws.

For followers of Providence, it is imperative that they work with the
Meta-universe to help it realise its purpose. This often requires
meditation on the meaning of seemingly-random events in the life of
the follower. They must also work to shape their own lives to
indicate an appreciation of the purpose, in order to retain the favour
of the Meta-universe. Death can be the result of the Meta-universe
achieving its purpose with the Self, but also the result of the
Meta-universe giving up on the Self.


Providence acknowledges the value of hermetic magic.

In Providence, interaction with the Universe is a dialogue with the
Meta-universe. Libraries on magic are collections of facts that have
been uncovered by others, and therefore need not have personal meaning
for the Self. However, Providincial philosophers theorise that the
existence of such knowledge in the Universe still constitutes part of
the Meta-universe's monologue, but the Self must still establish
meaning from the symbolic nature of data. The observed state of the
Universe is the Meta-universe's raw expression, data records are
merely echoes, possibly corrupted with time and re-interpretation.

While Providence's theological outlook is similar to the Buddhist
tradition, its beliefs about the mechanics of mana in the universe
make its formulae compatible with the much more pragmatic Chaos Magic
theory. Magical education is encouraged through discovery and
intuitive interaction with the (not necessarily natural) environment
and spirits, rather than through intellectual study of hermetic
magical knowledge.
Reads alot like Mage: The Awakening without the Atlantean Myth. Go for it!
It reeks of Mage: the Ascension. I like it smile.gif
Mr. Mage
Your tradition seems quite a bit more in depth than the tradition I proposed to my GM a few weeks ago:

The Crazy Man's Tradtion:
Combat: Explodium Spirit
Detection: KaBOOMium Spirit
Health: Flammabilium Spirit
Illusion: Explodium Spirit (again)
Manipulation: Bob
Drain: Willpower + Sanity(or lack thereof)

I like make things go Boom!

(Please Note: I know it's not a valid tradition, I just mentioned it to my GM as a joke, since this is kind of how I am as a mage anyways. rotfl.gif )

That being said, I'll have to save the "Providence Tradition". Looks pretty interesting and definitely fits with some of the ways my friends play the game.
I wouldn't pick it, but it's interesting. Could probably use it for a gnostic without much difficulty - probably what you intended. Now do one for Nihilism.
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