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Full Version: Rigger Boneses?
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A Technomancer running Hot Sim and Rigging a vehicle....

+2 Hot Sim
+2 Control Rig

Or just one?

Can you Jump In Drones, or is it just AR through a control interface. Kinda confused.
Yes, they stack. You don't need a Control Rig to jump into a vehicle, it just gives you bonuses when you do.

And yes, you can jump into drones and you can also control them via AR either by remote control or by giving them commands.
Those two bonuses stack.

Anyone in VR can Jump Into a drone.
Well. Yes, and yes, and then also maybe.

Jumped In can benefit from Hot Sim for rigging (SR4, p245).

For controlling drones, there's Issuing Commands (indirect, AR or VR), Remote Control (direct, AR or VR) and Jumped In (always VR). You can do any of these, but only Jumped In gets the rigging bonus, and only VR gets the Hot Sim bonus.

Technomancers also have a weird vehicle echo they can get, which might stack? There's some question about that.
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