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Full Version: Assistance with an Insect Spirit Possession 4e
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I have an accomplice in my game. Most everyone playing is going to be new to Shadowrun, so I'm starting them off in 2050 so I can run them through all the fun events. The first is the bugs. One of my players, though, has read 2XS and enough other books to know about the Insect Spirits, Universal Brotherhood, and CrashCart. So I want to pull a double-cross on them.

They're going to go on a straight-forward run (more to get them used to the setting and rules than anything else). Then they go on their first run against the UB, getting hints something's wrong. Then a modified version of Dreamchipper where a NPC gun adapt will join them. Next run is the big one where they find out about the UB/Insect Spirit connection and go up against a hive. And there's obviously going to be a traitor in the group but they won't know who. Yes, I'm going to play on metagaming for them to assume that it's the NPC. That's when my plant will turn his guns on the other players and the NPC, he and I switch character sheets, and he starts playing his REAL character, the gun adept.

So the plant is going to be a street sam type character with a perfect merge inhabitation of a Wasp spirit. I've been looking over the 4e rules on inhabitation and I can't seem to find anything on attributes/skills. Do I use the spirit's attributes or the former human's? Do they get a boost from the spirit? The info seems a bit spread out in the Street Magic book and I can't quite pin it down.

Also, any advice on how to set this up would be nice if anyone's ever tried anything similar.
I believe I answer this in the thread linked in my signature. That may also give you some other ideas.

A Flesh-Form merge has the spirit's skills replacing the host's, and they gain all the spirit's Powers (including ItnW, Realistic Form, and Aura Masking), but their attributes do not increase from the merge.

I used an Ally Spirit in a Nosferatu in a game I played in. I did it wrong (as in, un-optomized) and it still was a thing that the other players fear.

EDIT: Corrected.
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