Probably one of the best I've ever run. I've been following the Ghost Cartel's campaign so if for some reason any of you have reason to suspect that you might be playing in the future best stop reading now.

First the team: We have a streight up combat mage (Carver), a hacker/biologist (think the Salarian dude from ME2) (Djinn), an infiltration specialist (Koriolis) a low cyber mercenary gunbunny (the Colonel) and a high cyber Street Sam style gunbunny (Big Boy Joe).

The team was hired to extract a body from a DocWagon clinic.

At any rate in the previous session the team tried to sleaze their way into the facility disguised as maintenance workers obstinately to change the coolant in the refrigeration unit in the morgue. Due to a very bad con (bluff) roll and lack of a work order they didn't manage to make it past the receptionist. Koriolis did however manage to get a date with her for the next morning when her shift ended at 7.

Djinn spent a few hours forging a false workorder and the team planned to repeat the maintenance worker story the next morning when the day shift took over. Koriolis would take advantage of his date with the unit clerk to keep her from telling the next shift about the weird stuff that happened the night before.

The team then managed to succeed on this Con roll and convinced the dayshift that they were there to replace the coolant. Djinn waited in the van while the remaining team members wheeled their cart containing empty 'coolant' containers and their longarms down the the basement, where they were confronted by the coroner. When they presented the workorder he began cussing about how no-one had told him about this and what the fuck was he supposed to do with the bodies he had on ice while they spent the next six hours flushing the coolant lines.

The Colonel then started yelling and made and intimidation roll to try and scare him into letting them get the body. Well he succeeded in scaring him, but rather than co-operating he shouted for them to get out of my morgue and tried to reach for a panicbutton. Big-Boy Joe then shot him.

Then things started going downhill. After a few seconds the lights in the morgue dimmed, The Colonel assumed (correctly) that this was to make it easier for IR targeting cameras to pick up on their heat signatures. The Colonel found the locker that their target was in and began trying to move the body to the cart while Carver covered the utility elevator and Big Boy Joe covered the normal elevator bank and the fire stairs.

Then the Security Spider opened up a gunport and began pumping rounds from a light machinegun into Joe's back. They were Gel rounds but Joe still suffered from a number of broken ribs and a whole lot of stun damage. He popped an IR Smoke grenade to give them cover while The Col. continued to wrestle the body onto the cart and Carver laid down an icesheet on the floor outside the utility elevator so they could escape up the fire escape. Djinn also began trying to brute force hack his way into the hospital's administration node so he could try and distract the spider.

While the team continued to wrestle with the body under the cover of the smoke grenade and Djinn continued to kick in the facilities virtual door, the Rigger started blindfiring the gun in a random pattern suppressing the area around the body lockers. Carver took a nasty hit doing a significant amount of stun damage but he remained on his feet.

At around the same time the team began making their way towards the stairs Djinn got into the admin system of the clinic and activated his agents ordering them to start crashing programs and generally causing mayhem. He was then confronted by the facilities rigger who had taken the form of a T-Bird which despite having a red cross painted on it, was loaded with external ordinance which it proceeded to ripplefire into his icon. He dodged that attack, but not the followup which consisted of a Blackout IC prog that had taken the form of an HTRT and proceeded to fire into his icon dealing stun damage.

Big-Boy Joe took point up the stairs and was met by a burst of fire from a HTRT member who was crouched on the landing. The burst was good and Joe ate a burst of lead from a submachine gun. These guys weren't playing around with gel rounds either. (Joe was now operating at a -3 dicepool due to the combination of physical and stun damage he had taken).

The Colonel responded with a burst of his own, pumping rounds into the HTRTer and dropping him. Joe then ran up the stairs and dropped another AR smoke grenade to cover their assent. Almost simultaneously a flash-bang was thrown down the stairs and it detonated catching all three team members in the blast. Joe was knocked unconscious and Carver added to his stun damage total while The Col. took his first hit.

In the mean time Djinn began seriously reconsidering his plan to take on a trained security rigger backed up by IC and attempted to jackout of the system. Unfortunately the IC had jammed his connection open and he failed in his attempt to logoff. Both the IC and the Rigger then opened up their attack progs on him again and he suffered another few boxes of stun. (the rigger was rolling absolutely terribly here otherwise he would have taken some physical damage as well). He was however succeeding in distracting the rigger, which meant that most of the buildings security systems were inactive.

The Colonel pulled a slap-patch out of his kit (it was a trauma patch but I ruled it would have the same effect as a rating 4 stimpatch) and slapped it on Joe's neck. The adrenalin and amphetamines flooded into his bloodstream and dropkicked his nervous system into high gear getting him back on his feet having knocked off 4 boxes of stun damage at least temporarily.

Carver rushed the stairs and emerged from the smoke cloud far enough that he could see the 4 HTRT members arrayed around the door, and overcast a fireball into their midst. He stumbled back down the stairs slightly as his targets screamed in pain, blood trickling from his nose and ears.

The Col. then rushed the stairs stepping over the dead and dying DocWagon employees and saw the remainder of the HTRT including a troll with a machinegun on a gyromount taking cover behind the reception desk to the right. He laid down suppression fire, hoping to force their heads down while the rest of the team escaped.

(Now at this point the team still had 2 more IP's that needed to pass before Carver could act again so unless they wanted to bail on him they were going to need to keep the goons busy until Carver could act.)

What he was not counting on however was a trolls ability to get shot and not notice or care. The troll let rip with a long burst towards The Col. Rounds pounded into his armoured jacked bruising ribs and putting a hole in his shoulder. Two other HTRT members supported him with their assault rifles, doing more damage.

Joe then ran up the stairs and out the door to the van. He began manhandling an unconscious and seizing Djinn into the passenger seat.

As Joe was wrestling with Djinn's dead-weight Djinn managed to logoff the system and regained consciousness. His first sensation was that of an emergency brake jammed into a place that no hard object should ever be jammed as Joe tried to get him out of the way.

The Col. continued to exchange fire with the HTRT to little effect on either side.

Seeing that his compadre was now awake and alive Joe turned back to the firefight and threw a grenade. Unfortunately the HTRT members all managed to survive relatively unscathed. At the same time, Carver ran up the stairs and let loose another fireball which eliminated the two human HTRT members but left the troll still standing. He then proceeded to pass out from the drain.

Having had enough of this crap, the Col. let loose with a long burst into the troll, striking him center of mass and finally doing enough damage to make him reconsider his career choice. The Col. grabbed the body that they were supposed to extract while Joe picked up the semiconscious Carver and the team piled into the van which Djinn proceeded to drive through the gate tearing off the bumper and causing the engine to start spewing black smoke as they made their escape.