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Full Version: Question involving Trauma+Platelet
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So I tried searching the forum for awhile and couldn't find the answer to this question.

My friend and I were discussing the interaction between Trauma Damper and Platelet Factory. Basically here is what he claims

1 Damage- nothing happens
2 Damage- Trauma Damper kicks in
3+ Damage- Trauma then Platelet.

Now I know the 3 damage one is correct. What confuses me is why he is trying to say that when I take 1 damage nothing happens. I would assume the Trauma Damper still works normally. Basically what it should look like in my mind is

1 Damage- Trauma Damper kicks in
2 Damage- Trauma Damper Kicks In
3+ Damage- Trauma then Platelet

So my question is, which one is right?
You are right. The damper always kicks in, after that you check if there is at least 2 damage left.
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