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Full Version: How did you find your Shadowrun group?
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So I'm desperately searching for a Shadowrun group, and I figured you guys would have some good suggestions about where to find one. It seems like most people are playing DnD or WoD instead of running the shadows and that, my friends, is a crime. So here it is; how did you get your group together, and what advice can you give me in getting one together myself?
All I did was tell my old high school D&D group a couple of shadowrun stories from the game I played in. Once the usual GMs moved for new jobs, I was the only one left with any GMing experience, and SR is the only system that fits with my GMing style thus far.

Check out your local game store, and see if there are any games there or other people looking to play SR. Or, you could convert a group.
When i moved i needed another roleplaying group. So i went online to a rpg-player index. Made an account and quickly found a Vampire group. played there a bit. But then it fell apart. looked up the index again and joined a D&D one (Yeah i know... but i would play nearly ANYTHING). In that group someone bought the 4th edition stuff and another began to open a round for it. He moved away... now i am the GM.

So: Online index.
QUOTE (Summerstorm @ Jun 30 2010, 12:15 PM) *
When i moved i needed another roleplaying group. So i went online to a rpg-player index. Made an account and quickly found a Vampire group. played there a bit. But then it fell apart. looked up the index again and joined a D&D one (Yeah i know... but i would play nearly ANYTHING). In that group someone bought the 4th edition stuff and another began to open a round for it. He moved away... now i am the GM.

So: Online index.

Where did you find the online index?
My first group was one that I chanced across. Long story. But in short, "Oh thank heaven, for 7-11."

That groups is probably still together, but I moved away. I'm making a full on poster for my local game store. Should be able to attract some players this way.
This should have been a "check all that apply" poll. My regular gaming group has 2-3 original members who have played RPG's since 1997, and we started on SR2... however, I had to pitch SR4(a) to them and the new guys so that we could get away from the D&D.
I'm playing SR for about 20 Years ,so I guess a Group has been there all the Time.If one Group dissolves,I'll start another One.I'm lucky to live in Düsseldorf(Ruhrgebiet,close to Cologne)
which is kinda the Center of RPG in Germany.I have a Pool of about 20 Roleplayers in different Groups (2 x SR4A,Deadlands,Traveller,D&D3.x )

He who dances with a lot of Fellow Players
Even if you can't find a whole group right away, go ahead and try to find one or two people who like/play SR. They'll probably know others that are interested, or they'll be able to convert their friends.
When I was in high school I would spend my lunch periods in a sympathetic teacher's classroom so I could read in peace and not be bothered with anything dumb like "socializing" or "not being a loner." One day a fellow student came to talk to the teacher while I was reading, noticed me reading one of the SR novels, and struck up a conversation because he had been a fan of the Secrets of Power trilogy. I had a bunch of books but no group; he had a group but none of the books.

With our powers combined...!
You could start by searching the GM/Player Registry forum for something in your area. Don't forget that by default only stuff 30 days old or less is shown (there's a drop down at the bottom to change that).

As for me, I was in my local game store when a few guys were talking about starting another SR group. I threw my hat in and rolled up a character.
hi hi

I didn't, it found me.
My D&D group was getting burnt out on playing every weekend, but didn't want to only play twice a month. So we decided to each suggest a new RPG game.
I went with Call of Cthulhu, other games were Mutants and Masterminds, Arduin and Shadowrun. We finally ended up playing a different game each weekend, with one game "on hiatus".

I saw one of my friends on face book announcing he was reading up on the rules for Star Wars anniversary edition. I wanted to get into RPGing and offered my services as a player. I joined the group and we ended up going from Star Wars, to D&D4, now to Shadowrun 4, and we're about to start Savage Worlds in a steampunk genre.

I also tried a couple of web sites like I've had numerous offers from this site, but after I found my group.
My Ex startd playing as he had played years before. The only reason I joind was to make up the numbers and now i'm hooked. When we broke up a year later he got the books but I got the team now three years on I still play, me and my current partnr take turns to GM campaigns.
My group plays games.

We play Shadowrun 4e, Warhammer 3e, D&D 4e, Exalted 2e, C&C, and we're looking forward to playing Eclipse Phase, Savage Worlds EE, and Paranoia.

It's not "my shadowrun group", but it is my group, and we do play shadowrun (sometimes).
Started a D&D 3.5 group when I got to college, wanted to try something new so I convinced them to switch to SR.

Getting a good group is more important than what game you play.
QUOTE (kjones @ Jul 1 2010, 02:15 PM) *
Getting a good group is more important than what game you play.

Agree totally, we play Shadowrun, Eclipse Phase, Fengshui, and very occasionally cancer causing d20 Games. Sometimes we don't end up playing at all and just get together and eat pizza and drink beer

Most of the group I've know a very long time, one member I connceted with on this very forum, and we have one member one of the original players pulled out of another group he plays in. In the time we've been playing we've had people come and go and rejoin (sometimes multiple times) but it keeps on rolling
Its a mix, my current group is part my old Vampire group part people we found online.
Mr. Mage
I play a lot of different games with my whenever someone wants to try something new like Dark Heresy or CthulhuTech everyone usually climbs on board. In my experience, if you have a group of players for a different game, just try and convince them to play a test run with premade characters to see if they like it or not. And I say premade characters because if they are new to the game, they would probably rather see how it plays rather than get into the nuances of player creation.

If that doesn't work, go hire some hobos...
Johnny Hammersticks
I found them.
I trained them.
I built them from the ground up.

Heath Robinson
It's simple. I moved in with them.
I talked my group of AD&D players into giving it a shot. They seem to really like it so far. Only one pc death thus far.
Pressed null vote on accident. Oops. I got a bunch of my college buddies to play. Only three, my best friend from high school (only other male in the group), one of our mutual friends from back then, and a linguistics classmate, had ever done tabletop before, but the others, an English major girl from the anime club and her art student roommate, and another linguist chick, all were totally new. Which was a bit of a learning curve, but I think it was good because they had pretty fresh conceptions and ideas of the whole thing.
A guy I've known since Cub Scouts and I started playing AD&D in Middle School. In 1989 we were at the same college and started a group that rotated through AD&D 2nd Ed., Star Wars d6, and Shadowrun. Four of us from that college group still game regularly.

My other weekly group is guys I met at the local gaming store after college.
My friends started playing D&D back when people were fighting over what was better, 1st or second edition. around '06 we started experimenting with other systems, Shadowrun was one of the first we tried. Still one of the best
I've got 2 groups. Main group has been together since around '88. I created half of the second group.(my two sons) group is filled out with #1 sons wife and a couple of their friends. Main group plays pretty much SR and Pathfinder .Second group started with D&D 3.5 but now will only play SR. ( I trained 'em well.) spin.gif
I got my current groups through multiple methods, online, a few old friends, through the LGS.....
I started roleplaying about 14 years ago and joined another group of (much) older roleplayers.
Since my parents have had a spare room and I managed to acquire a dinning room table (from one of the older roleplayers), the group started meeting regularly there.

Players have come and gone, and Shadowrun is not the only system we play. I can safely say that half of the players have been found on the internet. On forums such as Orcs Nest and Leisure Games which is great for London UK players.

The rest have been friends some of which I have introduced and others who have been wanting to join my group but its been too full and has had to wait (several years) for someone to drop out.

My advice to you is to either join another group and become the GM for a shadowrun group, or start your own group.
If you are going to start your own group, I highly recommend a Sunday game. I play a good six hours every sunday from noon till 6pm.

If you don't fancy your hand at GMing, then try and find someone who will GM for any other game and introduce them to the shadowrun awesomeness. The great thing however about SR is that it is in not a too distant future so the world setting is familiar. People generally know where places are, what cultures are like and as such you or your new SR GM should find it considerably easier to write and run.

Good Luck
QUOTE (Punchomatic @ Jun 30 2010, 04:18 PM) *
Where did you find the online index?

I used Pen and Paper Games
"I converted an existing group from another RPG" is the most appropriate to my situation. I joined a gaming group (as I noticed someone in my math class downloading RPG pdfs) and that group ran multiple games (mostly D&D at the time) and I joined a 3e ShadowRun game because the setting sounded awesome.
Al Kusanagi
Pretty much from the time 1st edition came out, up until 2000 we had a great group in my home town, but then I moved to Japan for a decade and most people went their separate ways. Fast forward about a year ago and when I returned to the US I found that a few of the group were still within the general area, and we started up a 4th game. Of course, true to my luck, after a couple of months of playing, our GM was sent to Iraq for a year.

Luckily, however, a game shop about half an hour from where I live now has just announced that they'll be starting up SR Missions there and about a dozen of us showed up for a character generation session over this last weekend.
Squiddy Attack
I play City of Heroes/Villains often and, some time ago, was convinced to join a Skype D&D game some City Of friends were playing. The group has more or less stuck together since then, with three or four 'core' members that show up in almost all of our games.

Shadowrun is one we decided we should play more recently, us being people with less of a life than usual and able to fit three or four games into our schedule. ;P (We're also running Urban Arcana, Pathfinder, and doing some messing-around with a system called Wushu, while the D&D game is still running.) Though, I'd have to say Shadowrun is probably my favorite so far.
I play with a group that changes GM and games played after a campaign or GM feels it's done for the time. Never played Shadowrun before, but I picked up the game last year and we're gonna start a game in a few months with me as GM.
I marked 'converted a group' but in truth they were people I met in high school. back then we played D&D and they'd been playing before I came along, Mainly D&D but we tried a few others along the wayToon, Snitts Revenge should tell you how old a team we're talknig here. and then we switched to SR and having used mg's to mow down orks we just couldn't go back to swords.
Daddy's Little Ninja
I am 'other.' My husband and best friend were in a group so I started playing too
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