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Hopefully someone can help me sort this character…infiltrators are hard as far as I can tell, they need to be part electrician, part sneaky bugger and possibly part hacker (a tall order for 400BPs!). I’m not after a min/max character and her background is as important as the stats (hence some of the choices I’ve made) but I want to make sure I haven’t done something stupid or missed some vital piece of kit / stat / skill for an infiltrator character (with views to possibly becoming a secondary hacker later on?!?).


Basic Background:
QUOTE (Aria @ Apr 27 2010, 01:08 PM) *
Suzanna Waters (Silk) shares much of her mother's physical heritage and is not noticably orc-like in appearance. She has a slight, flexible build and has a youthful prettiness that has managed to get her out of a few scrapes where her other skills have not.

She is a third gen runner and has been surrounded by runners from birth. Their erratic lifestyle might have scarred her but her 'uncle's' rough educational skills, the friends she made on the matrix, and her online education have produced a relatively balanced individual (at least as far as most runners go!). She is now studying a degree in electronic engineering at Seattle university.

As an adept Silk couples her magic with matrix technology and excels at breaking in to places where she should not be. She is perhaps unusual that despite an early life in the shadows, and knowledge of how to defend herself, she is a pacifist and is exceptionally lucky that her team welcome this fact.

Character Sheet:

Basics BPs 20
Name: Susanna Waters
Street Handle: Silk
Metatype: Orc
Sex: Female
DOB: 2052
Matrix Icon: Sylph in flowing silks

Attributes BPs 190
Body 4
Agility 4
Reaction 5
Strength 3
Charisma 4
Intuition 5
Logic 4
Willpower 3

Special Attributes BPs 50
Edge 2
Magic/Res 5 (4)
Initiative 10
Essence 5.2

Skills BPs 140
Athletics Group 3
Unarmed 1
Electronics Group 2
Pistols 2 (Dartgun 2)
Etiquette 2
Infiltration 5
Shadowing 3
Dodge 4
Perception 5

Not worked out yet...

Qualities BPs 10
Human Looking

Negative Qualities BPs -35
Matrix Addiction – moderate
Day job (uni student)
Records on file (corp sponsor for uni)

Resources 70,000¥ BPs 11

Contacts BPs 11

University Librarian / Info Broker 3 / 3
Mystical Healer 2 / 3

Adept Powers
Cloak 2
Eidetic Sense Memory
Flexibility 2
Freefall 2
Great Leap 2
Improved Skill – Climbing
Improved Skill – Hardware
Improved Skill – Computer
Memory Displacement

Commlink (Transys Avalon + Iris Orb)
Math SPU (Sequencer 4 built in, some sort of fuse to stop a surge frying her brain)
Image Link
Cyberears 1 + Damper + Increased Sensitivity
Smuggling Compartment (for maglock pass key and some sort of screwdriver…)

[ Spoiler ]

Character Sketch: Here

Thanks for any help...

QUOTE (Aria @ Jul 1 2010, 02:39 PM) *
Pistols 2 (Dartgun 2)

Unles your running with some house rules, Dartguns are an exotic weapons needing exotic weapon dartgun skill to use.
Ol' Scratch
Go with a Light or Hold-Out specialization and use DMSO/Drug-of-Choice Capsule Rounds instead. More concealable (both traditionally and in-plain-sight; people will rarely raise an eyebrow if they find a small pistol on you, whereas a dartgun will raise suspicions), less weird, and more versatile (in that you can use the main skill for more than just shooting darts).

I'd go with Infiltration 6 and Perception 4. It's easy to get a lot of Perception dice and one less die won't be a deal breaker, but the more dice you have for Infiltration to defeat all those other easy Perception mods your enemies have access to is much more valuable. Especially for an infiltrator.

Don't bother with an Implanted Commlink. It's just terrible; always has been unless it was in a cyberlimb or something. Any time you want to upgrade it you have to go in for surgery? Blech. Just having a Datajack and a 50-nuyen Skinlink will work wonders, and no one's going to be bothered by you walking around with a commlink. You can even build it into your clothes (like, say, your stealth suit) so you don't have to worry about losing it. There's also no need to take two commlinks. Just get a few Disposable Commlinks for, what, 300 nuyen? They're in Unwired.

Ditto for a Chameleon Suit. Just get full Form-Fitting Body Armor and apply Ruthenium to it. Not only can it hold more overall mods (Thermal 6 and, say, Chemical Protection 3), but you can wear it under your normal clothes with ease and it's just as useful when you're not skulking around as it is when you are.

Why Autopicker 3 instead of 6?

I'd consider going with Athletics 1 to get around defaulting penalties, then raise Gymnastics (with the Dodge specialization) independently. I'd also either go with a competent amount of Unarmed or none at all. Unarmed 1 is pretty much a waste of points. You may want to consider boosting some of your Social Skills, too. Con, in particular. And maybe invest in an Empathy program for similar reasons. Infiltration isn't just about sneaking around unseen.

Those are the things that jumped out at me.
QUOTE (Mäx @ Jul 1 2010, 02:00 PM) *
Unles your running with some house rules, Dartguns are an exotic weapons needing exotic weapon dartgun skill to use.

Oops, I looked but couldn't find reference to a dartguns skill (probably should have looked harder in SR4A)...Ol'Scratch's point about hold out pistols is much more sensible...more work to be done here clearly smile.gif

QUOTE (Aria @ Jul 1 2010, 07:46 PM) *
Oops, I looked but couldn't find reference to a dartguns skill (probably should have looked harder in SR4A)...Ol'Scratch's point about hold out pistols is much more sensible...more work to be done here clearly smile.gif


Yah it is and tasers are also a nice shoice.especially the one that does 8S damage.
Xahn Borealis
QUOTE (Mäx @ Jul 1 2010, 05:54 PM) *
Yah it is and tasers are also a nice shoice.especially the one that does 8S damage.

That's the Defiance EX Shocker, but that shoots darts with wires attached. I'd rather not be connected to every one I shoot personally. biggrin.gif
Just think of it as fishing.

On the OP: why such a high Reaction? An infiltrator would rather use high Agility.
Ol' Scratch
I'd probably go with a Light Pistol instead of a Hold-Out, honestly. Hold-outs are more concealable physically, but light pistols can accept silencers. A Morrissey Elan is nice to have as a back-up weapon, though. Tiny, hard to find, and completely undetectable to MAD scanners.

If you don't want to waste points on Restricted Gear (which I never ever recommend because they're just that; wasted points), go with a Light Pistol specialization and pick up an SA Puzzler soon after character creation. Not only is it just as invisible to MAD scanners, but it can accept a silencer, smartgun link, and a few other choice mods, and it can be broken down into a number of innocuous items. It's the classic spy/infiltrator weapon and makes for an even better back-up weapon. You'll just want to have either an Armorer score or a higher than average Intuition score (which you do) so that you don't flub putting it together after you sneak past security with it.

Sticking with the same specialization, the Ares Light Fire 70 is probably your best pick for a main weapon. It has a nice clip size and a built-in silencer that gives an additional -1 bonus to detect you using it. That saves a lot of modification slots for you to get other perks, too, including the Ceramic/Plasteel mod to make it invisible to MAD scanners (though you have to wait to get one with that feature due to its Availability) and even giving it Burst Fire capability if you really wanna go that route.

And if you carry a clip or two of Stick-n-Shock ammo, you don't have to worry about carrying a separate taser with you, too, in addition to gaining the benefits of your specialization. Assuming your GM allows them with light pistols, that is.
One nice thing about tasers, nobody minds them... they are unrestricted in ownership!

Meaning yes you turn them into security, but lone star don't ask to see a license

Same with a pepper punch canister and the like.

Never underestimate the improvised items as well
That doesn't mean a some private security will not ask you to check your taser at the door, though. Just that you won't get arrested for it.
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