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Large Mike

So, the elves of Tir Tairngir speak sperethiel, and that makes them feel all special and snooty, but what do the elves of Tir Na nOg speak?

I know that in the 4th age, the two groups of elves didn't get along to well (correct me if I'm wrong. By Earthdawn knowledge is limited at best.) so it doesn't seem to make sense that they would speak the same language.

So, what language skill is my irish elf getting?
I'm pretty sure that it's Sperethiel as well, unless you want to go Irish rather than nOgian and speak Irish.

Drain Brain
Take your pick! I run Tir Na nOg as having three languages in common usage: Sperethiel, the language of the elves, most common among the nobility, Irish Gallic, most common among the hardcore human population - roots are important, I'm a true irishman blah blah blah, and English, due to the age old ties with the British Empire.
Ancient History
In Tir na nOg, Elves speak Sperethiel and/or Gaelic-Sperethiel (a bastardised mix of Sperethiel and Irish Gelic).

Didn't you check the bottom of the page?
Large Mike

a) the bottom of which page, for what? I don't own Tir Na nOg.

2) I'm moving, so all my books are packed up at the moment.
QUOTE (Large Mike @ Feb 27 2004, 08:32 PM)
a) the bottom of which page, for what?  I don't own Tir Na nOg.

2) I'm moving, so all my books are packed up at the moment.

Ancient has done a pretty thorough write-up on Elves and the language in question.

Of course, it does beg the question -- how common is Sperethiel as a language?


Edit: Ancient's Too Scary Sperethiel Dictionary

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Ancient History
"Sperethiel," but close enough. Click on the link, LargeMike. Bottom of that page.

Sperethiel has apparently been taught in schools in the two Tirs, but is still far less common than most other languages, even in the Tirs themselves. 'course, that was 10 years ago, so there might be an entire crop of teenyboppers speaking fluent Elvish in 2063.

Eireann-Sperethiel is, as I mentioned, a formal and courtly language, little used outside of the rituals of the Seelie Court.
Having a quick look around, only about one in five people are able to speak Irish today with as few as one in twenty actually using it day-to-day. Now they took over in '34 so I could see them really pushing the Gaelic thing, but even in thirty years or so it's a short time to practically change a country's language. But then this is the Tir so they never have to follow reason or logic.
Depends on how badly you want to hob-nob in high society and elite circles.

Couple personal motivation with simsense training modules and it becomes easier.

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