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Full Version: A credstick anyone?
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Interesting... Very interesting
Very interesting.

I do hope they put a LOT of thought into making these things hacker-proof though.
I love the idea, but it's terrible, all it's going to do is take one person modding one to change what the LCD display says and give money that doesn't exist to run the whole system.
So I understand the concept fully, but there's one thing that has me confused:

How does 12,00 + 7,00 = 42,00?

(Or is it 12,00 + 87,00 = 42,00?)
YEah its an 8 not a 0 they are slight different.
QUOTE (Dumori @ Jul 4 2010, 01:06 PM) *
YEah its an 8 not a 0 they are slight different.

Even so, 12 + 87 != 42.
What is the meaning of life?
QUOTE (Draco18s @ Jul 4 2010, 10:19 AM) *
Even so, 12 + 87 != 42.

Not all graphic artists are good at maths.
From what I see, there's zero technology behind this- its purely a design exercise, but a totally pointless one. Form factor is entirely irrelevant to digital cash without a solid software system behind it, and once you have that system, form factor is effectively irrelevant.

Its about as relevant to the real world (or Shadowrun) as a "design" for a magic wand.
I agree and disagree...

Is form factor necessary? No. However form factor will always continue to be a factor in technology, maybe it's not logical but it's true.

Especially with newer technologies such as this one, marketers have to try and appeal to as many senses as possible to maximize the adoption of their system.

Look at phones for example, smartphones in the US were not used nearly as much until the damn iPhone came out with it's sleeker style (combined with a super marketing machine) and data usage on phones has skyrocketed since then.
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