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Hey guys, long time no post...

Anyway getting to the question. I love to play support characters but hit a snag, with only Core, I built a technomancer awhile back who was awesome at one thing... hacking into the matrix. Unfortunately this turned into a problem because my GM is having a tough time including me in run without me taking too much time away...

I was wondering what your guys' thoughts were on this problem and how to best solve it.
Well, the point of the game is to have fun. If your not having fun, build a character that will put you in a better position to. If you're too far in-game to start with a new character, add rigging to your bag-o-tricks and join in the gunfights. Maybe diversify as a face.
Don't play one-trick ponies indifferent.gif
QUOTE (Kliko @ Jul 3 2010, 03:39 AM) *
Don't play one-trick ponies indifferent.gif

It's really tough to diversify a Techno. I'd second the rigging suggestion, but if you can stand to take the Resonance hit you could become a passable gunslinger by adding some synaptic boosters and maybe a bit of muscle toner.
The techhnomancer version of metamagic powers, I cannot remember what they are called, have some useful abilities if memory serves me. There was the one that acted like skillwires, one that acted like wired reflexes, and one that allowed interaction with devices by touch. All of those could add some versatility to your character.
Teh problem with technos, they start out slow in ability... they take time and karma to really shine
Tymeaus Jalynsfein
QUOTE (MortVent @ Jul 3 2010, 11:54 AM) *
Teh problem with technos, they start out slow in ability... they take time and karma to really shine

But once they have the requisite Karma and Time under their belts, they can REALLY Shine... wobble.gif

Keep the Faith
Things you can do:

Handle all hacking related items outside of the normal game session. Google wave or otherwise works great for this. Alternately just get faster on the matrix side of the rules with your GM, Matrix is not nearly as much of a time sink (under fourth) as it used to be.

One thing about about hackers/technos is that a good one, in the hands of a creative player, can play merry hell with the GM's plans. The sheer number of ways hacknos have of messing things kind of defies explanation. I will try though. In todays world everything is electronic and connected to the internet. Information has always been important, but today it is the new gold standard. Information can stop wars, start wars, bankrupt countries, bankrupt citizens, destroy governments, create anarchy, and even educate. It may be trite but knowledge truly is power. In a world like that of Shadowrun all of this choice, juicy, potent information is available for those who know how to get it. And most of the time those people are hacknos. With power like that at their disposal it's downright scary.

In summation:
Hacker + Creative Player = Bald GM

Just my 0.02 nuyen.gif

Edit: Fixed equation.
I agree with Crash, but many of the things he mentions are still done outside of game play. Fortunately, there are plenty of things a hacker can do during a mission. Monitor and mess with enemy communications, shut down drones, open doors, control elevators and access, spoof security (electronic or meat), shut down cameras, etc.
Saint Sithney
Get the Unwired book if you're going to play a 'Mancer. The Biowires Echo and the Control CF can combine to make you the ultimate jack of all trades support character. Drag and drop skills on demand with a sick dice pool, all done by remote. Then, with you more invested in the central action, your GM can handwave any Matrix stuff which isn't high-security high-risk.

Honestly, if you're leveraging your base book superhacking right, you shouldn't need to roll for much anyway. A focused Techomancer can breeze his way through military-grade systems with a little prep work.
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