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Full Version: Legwork in the Media
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I'm working on a video project to show my idea of what SR is, collecting various movie and TV Show clips, combining them into a large video and use that to explain what I see Shadowrun like.

I've got a series of clips, ranging from technology to cities to people to commercials to sports and so forth. But one thing I am having problems with is the legwork, the planning stages. I was looking at Burn Notice and Leverage, because those two basically give a different version of SR than say an action movie shoot-em-up. But, while I haven't watched the entire collection of Burn Notice yet since coming up with this idea, I can't think of a good example or collection of examples of legwork.

What do I consider legwork? Johnny Mnemonic's hacking scene as he tried to figure out what was in his head was legwork, the scouting of the Playtronics building in Sneakers was legwork, but I don't have anything for pre-operation 'Here's what we need, let's go gather it' sort of legwork, except maybe some scenes in Ronin I could use. I'm open to suggestions though, and once I finish it, I plan to post it here.

Some examples I was thinking that could be used would be the Ronin scenes, maybe mixed with the Prison security system mapping scenes in Season 4 of Leverage, bits from Ariel episode in Firefly, and off the top of my head the only real legwork scenes that may work from Burn Notice is in season 2 I think it was, watching Karla's building and the building that the keycard worked for. More are good, because I want to try and get a little of everything; leaning on contacts for information, surveillance of the target, etc.
QUOTE (Drraagh @ Jul 7 2010, 12:14 PM) *
More are good, because I want to try and get a little of everything; leaning on contacts for information, surveillance of the target, etc.

Burb notice has multiple instanses potraying use of contacts to gather information, them meeting with Barry for information on money related thinks or that ex-neighbot of Michael on thinks related to drug dealers come most redily to my mind.
I was thinking Gone In 60 Seconds and the Ocean's series. Gone has plenty of casing the vehicles, the area. And maybe scenes you could use elsewhere. Ocean's is... Well, it's Ocean's.
Saint Sithney
There are enough spy/heist movies out there with a by the numbers run-down of the plan that they lampooned the cliche in Wayne's World.

What's a good one? I can't think of one off top, but that whole section needs to be punctuated with the courtyard scene from Way of the Gun.

Parker: "A plan is just a list of things that aren't going to happen."
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