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I and my band are leaving tonight for NYC, to record our full length record (shameless plug). I'm pretty sure that in SR new york was destroyed by an earthquake, and later rebuilt and once again joined the east coast sprawl. This got me wondering, has anybody here ever ran a campaign or run in new york?
Good luck with your record rotate.gif
From what I remember reading in the BBB or maybe elsewhere NYC was "devastated" by said earthquake but was rebuilt entirely using privet funds and is now just one corp park after another.
I hope this answers your question somewhat cool.gif
This exact same topic was discussed not long ago. Check this thread.
cool. thanks for the redirect!

Hot Wheels
Living near New York, the change to the skyline brought on by 9/11 is a little creepy since it clears the way for the Fuchi towers.
Not nearly as much as the scheduled quake for next year will clear the skyline.

The first SRish thing I think of is that beautiful park they built on top of the sewage treatment plant by the west side highway. Most well-fertilized park in the city, I imagine wink.gif
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