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Just wondering: is Pluscode applied to the skillwires or simsense system or is it applied to the programs? Because, if applied to the system then the character can run 10 rank-5 skills at one time on a skillwires system that only cost 15,000 nuyen. (Not counting the skillsofts themselves). Only that seems kind of cheap to me. Add in Optimization and the skill levels can go to 7 while only adding another 2,000 to the system. If applied to the programs, well, then you are talking some serious cash, which makes it more restrictive. (Although a skillwire system of level 5 has an availiblility of 20, that can be gotten with the Restricted Gear positive quality for only 5 BP. Thanks.
Plus-Code is applied to the Software, as far as i remember my reading that.
yep, all options are software based.

There is a skillwire module that can be added, but that's it.

The price for activesofts is insane now...
That's what I thought. Thanks guys.
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