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I need an idea for an aquatic para critter, creature that can be used that would live in the Hong Kong bay and prey on fishermen, something with more than one, communal but using an aquatic lair...any ideas? Thoughts, links, imagery....

thanks! smile.gif
Asian style mermaid? Beutiful women with a taste for human flesh, near human intelligence with animal cunnning. Could even add the old angle of eating their flesh makes one immortal, but has the potential, or the certainty, of turning one into a mermaid. Could even be an odd strain of HMMV.

No, super-sharks, of course.
look Runnig Wild...there are Kraken and Megalodon (=super-sharks) etc
Asian style Sea Hag is born. smile.gif THANKS! I will post stats and details later tonight after I get them all written up!
Sahaguin? smile.gif They're such crap Gold and XPů
Johnny B. Good
Awakened Moray Eels that hunt in packs?

I've thought about putting together a Parazoo project to suppliment RW for a while now.
The Mermaids from running wild are nasty too.
QUOTE (Yerameyahu @ Jul 15 2010, 03:03 PM) *
No, super-sharks, of course.

I mean, OP is *named* 'Sharkman'. biggrin.gif
Doc Byte
QUOTE (Yerameyahu @ Jul 15 2010, 09:03 PM) *
No, super-sharks, of course.

The German word for "shark" is "Hai" like in Shanghai. grinbig.gif
Good to know?
At work without my books...for background count...for these Sea Hags...I want their domains to be aspected towards their particularly vile magic type but I can't remember how does that work with Background count? Basically I want these creatures to have a benefit to using their magic but a negative against intruders who might be magical?
Ouch, that's harsh. nyahnyah.gif
I know I know...but my group of 8 runners are almost all min/maxing, no-drain ever, armed to the teeth, super soldiers that must have tailor made challenges with mucho arsebusting or they just walk all over whatever it is. smile.gif I am sure we will see lots of posts from me where I beef up or take a particular tid bit and make it uglier than intended.
Magic is fairly overpowered to begin with so things like aspected background count brings it back more into the sane range. It kind of hurts adepts more then standard mages. I am also AFB but if i remember correctly background count effectively lowers everyone elses magic who hasn't aspected towards it by it's rating. I think it raises the magic of those aspected with it but don't quote me on that.

Confronting the evil sorcerer in his blood spattered inner sanctum is always a bear.

Sea Hag
Pravus Thalassinus Femina

The origin of these depraved creatures is uncertain. Female specimens are similar in size to their human counter parts. They are natural shape shifters so they can appear at varying lengths depending on the form they take.
While in their aquatic domains they usually appear as a twisted and malevolent mermaid like creature with splotchy greenish brown skin and sagging twisted humanoid facial features and breasts. Their eyes are always jet black and fathomless and they possess sharp pointed teeth.
The Sea Hag’s body is covered with a coarse fur and often bristling and deadly spines protruding along their wrists, legs and down their back. The spines produce a paralyzing toxin which helps protect them in close quarters.
Sea Hag’s are known to shape shift into a female form when out of their aquatic domain often when luring their would-be mate or food, from a distance they can appear as an alluring meta-human female.

Magical Capability

Sea Hag’s have been found lairing near cities and villages that have deep or dark water, murky depths, high levels of toxins, or other dangerous contaminations. They prey upon fishermen, dock workers, or any who might wander too close to their domains.
They eat human flesh and seem to enjoy collecting the shiny and interesting objects that their prey finds valuable. The floors and corners of their lairs are often littered with the personal possessions of those they have killed.
They are cruel hunters and often play with their prey or torment it before eating it. Their continued presence in an area is thought to have an increasing negative aspect on the local astral region.
Sea Hag’s are cunning and often will relocate to avoid capture or detection. They use their mental influence abilities to divert and confuse their enemies and their natural mana resonance weakens those who would use magic against them.
These creatures usually live in communities of two to three females. There are no known males of the species as the creatures forcibly mate with their prey and then produce Sea Hag offspring. The mate does not survive the encounter.

>>>>>>[These creatures are seriously wacked. Avoid at all costs and if you hear rumors of a clutch of these wenches working an area – stay away! The last thing you want to do is look over the rim of a frosty brew at what you THINK is a scantily clad hotty walking the docks and find out…its one of these…that’s the last beer goggle google you’ll have…]<<<<<< - Captain Jake Black (22:40:51/16-APR-68)

>>>>>>[Indeed, Captain all caution should be taken in regards to these unlovely lasses. My research indicates that they are dangerous and dark creatures feeding on and influencing the darker dredges of society. Fell creatures for certain, my attempts at capturing a specimen for examination have ended abruptly for the assets hired and often with severe injuries or death. They certainly warrant further investigation.]<<<<<< - Dr. Malcolm Stodder (01:05:22/17-APR-68)

Immunity to Normal Weapons, Shape-shifting (Aquatic, Female Land, Eel), Elemental Attack (Lightning) Single or Cone (Up to 3), Immunity to Lightning, Influence (Lust)
Paralyzing Toxin (Touch) – Make Body roll by victim and subtract hits from 6. For each net remaining hit victim is paralyzed for one combat turn.
Lairs of Sea Hags are Aspected to their Shadow Magic at a rating of 2.

Fire, Allergy (Sunlight, Moderate)

Game Information
B A R S C I L W Ed Es I Ph St B/I
4 6 6 3 2 4 2 5 5 6 9 12 12 10/8
Dice Pools:
Close Combat Attacks: 12; DV: 7 + Toxin
Elemental Attack: 12; Lightning DV: 7
Infiltration: 9
Magic: 6
Influence: 4

Thoughts, comments, improvements welcome.
Should that be immunity to normal weapons? That seems a bit harsh along with magic of 11. I'm presuming that your adjusting this based on your knowledge of your groups power level but that is REALLY high. Maybe that should be the magic stat for a queen or matriarch of a good sized tribe but your "average" see hag should likely be significantly lower. I would also give them points in the influence skill group to reflect their beguiling nature
Very good points i think I was inconsistent my use of dice pools...

Yes on Natural..heheh I will fix.
Johnny B. Good
What skills do they have?

Also what're these Ed and Ph stats I'm seeing?
I would assume Ed stands for "Edge" and Ph stands for "Physical Damage Boxes".

Speaking of which, how often do you as GMs actually use the edge of a monster to defeat your PCs? I find myself rarely using it.
Sorry yes, Ed is Edge, and Ph is physical damage boxes...

I need to have everything with edge, my 8 runners are brutally effective and in order to challenge them I have to give their adversaries edge. smile.gif

Big time.
Seriously, holy crap. smile.gif 8 runners is a huge group, yes, but maybe you should tone down their powergaming if Magic 11 monsters are what's needed.
Yeah its a fun group though...we currently have A troll Samurai Heavy Weapons, A Mage Doc, A Combat Mage, A Face Security Specialist, a Rigger/Drone, A Technomancer, An armorer/Medium Skirmisher, and an Adept Infiltrator Skirmisher. We are about half way through Ghost Cartels which leads into some of my own stuff.

I am a commercial programmer in the real world and I wrote this killer app I call the Shadow Master which is a C# program that incorporates all of the GM Information, items, weaponry, drones, equipment, and a very handy Initiative/Init Pass tracker, 85% of every table from each book in flash screens, the PDF cheat sheets by pavao, a fencing calculator so you can quickly determine nuyen on fenced items...NPC stat tracker, Matrix Node tracker...

This tool single handedly lets me focus on the story while it manages all of the book-keeping etc for a large group...

Its on version 3 now and almost defect free the problem is I want to give to the community here for free...but I'm afraid of copyright infringement...It really has every table and item in SR4A in it and eventually it will have my own character builder/master character system to track every Karma purchase etc...that piece is in development...

It makes GMing a group that sized almost easy. smile.gif

Eventually I will make a separate thread on it and if I can get Topps/Catalyst to not hunt me down I intend to give it away to the community...
Oh and I fixed the Magic 11 that was typo smile.gif
I keep debating doing a program to just automate initiative tracking of course considering I'm running from an IPad these days it'd mostly be a lost cause. On the other hand I could run it on my friends computer that also plugs into the TV. Need to dust off the program i started on that.
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