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Full Version: Shapeshifter RP details
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So I sorted through dozens of pages of threads on shapeshifters and didn't see anything mentioning some of the rp details of a shapeshifter character. Particulalry the interaction of details that might be dramatically different in human and animal form.

Environment: Take a seal shapeshifter who comes from the Antarctic, clearly thier seal form has no problem unprotected in sub-zero tempatures. What about thier human form?

Diet: Quantity and types of food both come into question here. Quantity is particularly relevent when dealing with shapeshifters with significant changes from animal to human form like eagle. Do you eat like an animal or human, and is it form dependent or does a big carnivore like the lion have to chow down on huge piles of meat way past the capacity of thier tiny human stomach?

Do I need to get out my older edition books to find this info, is it in the novels, or is it just not listed anywhere?
Their humanform would likely also be climatized to the animal's native habitat (Eskimos will run around naked if they have to and it won't really bother them).
Hmm. I would probably roleplay a shapeshifter as having a human and animal form slightly altered. This is a vague sentence, and I'm going to go through an example in an attempt to make it make sense.

Arthur is a seal shapeshifter. He has a slightly easier time in colder weather than other people. He is very aware of the differences in temperature that each of his forms can tolerate, but doesn't find the cold as uncomfortable as other people. Arthur doesn't actually get a bonus against cold damage (or whatever) in his human form. He has a very obvious preference for actual seafood and seems to like poultry. No one has actually seen Arthur eat a steak, and he is far from fond of soy food. But, he tolerates krill and algae based foods for their convenience and cheapness. He can eat as both a seal and a human. Although, it would not be a good idea to shift forms after eating a large meal, for obvious reasons. A large quantity of raw sea creatures in a human stomach might be a bad idea.
Doc Chase
He also has a fondness for beachballs.
For RP inspiration, try to watch The Secret of Roan Inish.

"It is centered on the Irish and Orcadian folklores of selkies—seals that can shed their skins to become human. The story, set on the west coast of Ireland, is about Fiona, a young girl who is sent to live with her grandparents and her cousin Eamon near the island of Roan Inish, where the selkies are rumored to reside. It is an old family legend that her younger brother was swept away in his infancy and raised by a selkie."

The movie shows peculiarities of the characters with selkie blood that could be used in RP. For example, this guy fishing at 3:45:
Pretty much what I was thinking, functioning as a human, but with preferences.

QUOTE (AStarshipforAnts @ Jul 16 2010, 12:36 PM) *
No one has actually seen Arthur eat a steak,

Actually these questions are for a leopard seal, and with seal and occasionally a whale carcass on thier menu I don't see a reason why terrestrial mammals wouldn't also be delicious.
I haven't actually eaten whale, so I've got no basis for taste comparison. But, if whale tastes like steak, a steak is good, too.
QUOTE (bernardo @ Jul 16 2010, 01:38 PM) *
For RP inspiration, try to watch The Secret of Roan Inish.

Thanks, totally forgot about selkies, and never even heard of this movie. Threw it in my Netflix queue.
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