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Full Version: Spell Force
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3 Hits on a Force 3 spell is no different than 3 hits on a Force 5 spell, correct?

Edit: Nevermind, I forgot that force determines things like drain, damage value, and counterspelling resistance. But if anyone wants to post a thorough explanation of all the things force governs for a spell, feel free.
Depends on the spell.

A force 3 stunbotl with 3 successes does 6 stun damage (force + hits), but the force 5 spell does 8 stun.

Beyond that though, you are correct. And the force 3 spell can never have more than 3 hits.
Force 6 spells can have at most 6 hits, though a force 6 also has a base DV of 6... meaning assuming the other guy just takes it, he can be eating 12 DV.

Yeowch. Lots of drain, but it is probably enough to ruin someone's day in the process.

He still gets to resist with body + counterspelling (for direct damage) or reaction (for indirect).

There's a reason I stick to illusion and manipulations..
-caps hits
-can cap effects by capping hits
-sets DV
-caps amount DV can be increased by capping hits
-determines drain value
-determines drain type (stun/physical)
-effects how noticeable the spell is to normal observation
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