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Full Version: A campaign scenario Synopsis
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here is the synopsis from my next campaign scenario. Feel free to comment, add ideas.

Plot : The Runners are hired to protect Lethal RPG a rapper from the North Borough of Marseilles, France by the local Mafia : Le Milieu Marseillais, that control the underground flow of unlabelled sims. The Rapper receive several threat due to the release of his last sim.

Twist : Lethal RPG is a very very old ork (70+ years) that is doing gangsta-rap, an out of date and largely frown upon musical genre, even in the barrow ("Gangta Rap ? Drek that's so '20"). In order to finish in the spotlight he decide to voluntarily aggrievate Saeder-Krupp (the Corporation that have the hand on Marseilles) and send them a special delivery of his soon-to-be-related sims "F...g the Dragon", with a special german version included featuring a German famous metal group. The trick is that apparently SK doesnt care so he ask his friends from old to mount assassination attempts on him. The runners have to protect an old man against himself.

Possible Spins : SK DID care but wait for the opening concert to deliver a message, the Vory try to get their hand on the sims pre-release or destroy the stock, the German Metal band was tricked into the recording and not very fond of the idea so they will try to get the sims recording matrix back (they are heavily GRIMEd(SURGE?) ).
I like it,

I can see it leading to a great moment when the team learns its been set up by him. Made particually fun if some of the team have been injured abit.

"you got me shot because of your spirit dammed ego" *pulls out shotgun* "lets see how you really handle someone putting a cap in your ass boss"
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