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Full Version: Great Find!
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Just found California Free State, Threats, and Target:Smugglers Havens in reasonable used condition for about $6 each...AND in MINT condition...Bug City for $8!!! Now if I can just get the Lonestar source book someplace I'll have almost all of the older stuff that I've really been looking for.
You wouldn't happen to be willing to share where with us, would you?

please? notworthy.gif
Sure, in Seattle there's a little place in the Greenwood disctrict called Gary's Games. Always a great place to find used stuff of all sorts. They also carry a reasonable supply of new SR material as well, though the selectio on that was looking a little anemic this time around.

Gary's Games
8539 Greenwood Ave N
Seattle, WA 98103-3613
Phone: (206) 789-8891

That would require me going to Seattle. And that's not on the itenerary till about 2036 or so
Im sure gary wouldnt mind mailing your purchases to you for a small fee paid directly to me.
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