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Full Version: Object resistence threshold and certain spells
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We've been having an issue in our game regarding ORT(object resistence threshold).
I tried to do a search for old topics but the two minute wait between searches every time nothing comes up made it impossible.
If this has already been discussed, please let me know.

Certain spells (ie. Pulse, and Static) are designed in game to affect technology and only technology.
The problem is, that using RAW they end up pretty unusable.
with cameras being pretty advanced devices (ORT 3 or 5), you have to roll 6-8 successes to take out a very mild device.
This often results in overcasting, throwing edge for a simple spell, and/or being noticed by the blind deaf guy in the next room because he now has to roll -2 successes to notice.

A similar problem exists with illusions such as chaos/chaotic world, and trid phantasm.

I understand the purpose of ORT for spells like demolish, but is this really what they intended for the other examples?

If so, why do these spells even exist?

What solutions has anyone used in their games, and what were the results?
Hm... why do you need 6-8 successes for OR 3-5. Just get over the threshold. Objects never resist (throw dice against the spell).

If there is a normal, cheap camera (OR 3) a rating four illusion with four successes is enough.

And yes, overall it is very hard to influence very complex things when you are not a top-of-the-line caster. That is by design. Magic and science don't mix well.
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