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Hello Dumpshock, long time lurker, first time poster here. smile.gif I had recently found an old story I wrote set in the Shadowrun universe while digging through an old hard drive and figured, stories like to be told (and criticized!), so maybe I should post it up here for anyone bored at the desk to read and possibly comment on. Enjoy! smile.gif

[ Spoiler ]
If this were Facebook, I'd be hitting the "like" button. Good stuff!
You know what that was very slick,

It never stops amazing me some of the story telling people on here can do.

Johnny B. Good
That was riveting. I'd read that book.
Squiddy Attack
That was great. Do you have any more stories waiting to be dug up?
Yeah, I found a couple of others, but this is the only one that's Shadowrun related. Thanks for all the kind words, guys! smile.gif
Definitely my kind of Shadowrun. Well written, too.

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