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I found this little gem while surfing the web...

Run Generator
Tips on First Run
Keeping games Fresh

Feel free to add to this growing list. Anything to make a GM's life easier...
I've only had the book a few weeks, and I've been asking lots of questions. Fortunately, I've been bookmarking them as I went along.

PACKS. A simply amazing Character Generator Tool.

A ShadowRunner's best Practices. The first post is overkill, even in a "Mirrored Sunglasses" type of game, but the thread goes on to have numerous useful ideas.

Archetypes, another Newbie Question. One of my questions, this produced several different breakdowns, two references to books, and a handy excel table.

Gear for the Matrix. Another of my questions, looking for advice on setting up a PAN, what useful things to put on your commlink, and how to secure it. Lead to a link to the amazing PACKS system.

Looking for a Detailed Example of Play. My first post, looking for some "macro examples" of putting the various systems together. Lead to some very useful replies.

Rules Pitfalls a hot topic, listing a number of potentially controversial or complex rules, and how some people deal with them. Gets derailed several times with discussions of the examples, but still a very nice resource.

Security Ratings AAA - Z. A very handy reference list for new players. Security ratings were around in previous editions and are still used as shorthand by most of the playerbase; they give a rough idea of the level of security, both physical, magical, and matrix, that one might expect to see in a given area. This thread updates them to 4th edition, and is very handy.
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