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Full Version: And then you see... this guy!
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Ok, here's the scoop. I'm GMing our regular session tonight where when we left off our heroes were in the middle of a firefight with some corp goons in an office complex in Bellvue. We were going to pick up on the action tonight, but a visiting friend also wants to get in on the role playing action for one session to try out the SR system. Bit of a bad time to insert someone but any suggestions? Here's the scenario:

Runners have been hired for what would seem to be a simple b&e job (it isn't) one unwittingly tripped an alarm instigating an ensuing fight with some security forces. Unbenownst to the runners Lonestar is already on its way, they have about two minutes before they arrive. They also have not gotten what they broke in for. As an aside they had some gang trouble on the way to the job.
BTW did I mention I'm trying to organize this by tonight? wink.gif

Hopefully they can wind up the firefight quickly and if they do any suggestions?
Double booked run?
"you see this guy running down the corridor towards the door with what appears to be the shiny new prototype you are trying to steal"
Of course this will result in the PC's shooting at each other cool.gif
Sorry thats all I can think of now
the other guy's char is what tripped the alarms early.. he was in to do something else and that is how they end up together, trying to get out before they are all toast... since he's only in town for one night, that would work as they could part ways if they get out.

like he could have been in there to get a scientist or something, and is just trying to bail, a SRs are better than no one at your back, he could e the only survivor from another team...

bad timing and conincidence... he could be running down a different hall and run into the smae sec gaurds, freind of my enemy and all that.

-Mike R.
Or better yet, they collect the item, sneak out only to find that someone was attempting to boost the tires off their vehicle and the new guy is holding one of the perpetrators in some manner. Issue is fixed quickly and they owe him one...
Ultimate cop-out -- a bad guy stands up, throws down on his former buddies and introduces himself as the inside source that will escort the players to the next stage. grinbig.gif

... That the players can never trust because he already sold out one team. My players would get what they wanted and ice him in short order biggrin.gif
which if hte guy is a one shot for this group should be perfectly Ok!

-Mike R.
... right! Which we refer to in my gaming group as "Being Dickied" because of a man named Dickie that managed to get himself honest to god excecution style killed in a SR game by literally every single other player. His character's last words were "I'm not walking out of this room, am I?"

Don't be a Dickie biggrin.gif
Just let the player be a Lonestar Beater (your design: NPC), let him shoot at the PCs, teach him the basic principles, and then next game, let him play a Runner. Just don't let him succeed too well, or else your players will be pissed.
To dovetail with the "double-booked run' thing, he could be from another team.

One that was wasted by the sec forces, putting the facility on awareness. That resulted in alla the bad stuff happening to the team. Now he wants to get out and may have something they need. New data, maybe? Or the only operating vehicle.
QUOTE (crazyivans)
Just let the player be a Lonestar Beater (your design: NPC), let him shoot at the PCs, teach him the basic principles, and then next game, let him play a Runner. Just don't let him succeed too well, or else your players will be pissed.

Its funny you say that beacause he ended up beating the hell out of a bunch of the 'Star's finest. Only the appearance of a Strato-9 put him on the run. I was informed that he'd be around for our next session as well so we just ended up pretending he was in on the run to begin with but just waiting on overwatch - which worked out in the runner's favour as htey would have walked into a nasty trap trying to escape the scene - Maybe they'll try a stealthier approach next time. They were a little too willing to go toe to toe with a horde of MCT goons. I can't wait till they find the Air elemental that guards the datachips they're trying to find. vegm.gif
alternately, the players don't know that LS is on the way. So Lone star doenstn' have to be on the way. Cancel that peice of the plot. Have the characters make a run on their target and get out relatively clean. When the meet the people for the drop/payoff have the johnson offer them a new job of assisting a courier (your one shot npc) across state-country-world etc.

He would have to sit out the first half hour or so but it would be less jarring to the story.
Too late! wink.gif
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