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Full Version: Shadowrun 20th Annniversary LE question
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I recently purchased a Limited Edition copy of the 20th Anniversary rule book and was under the impression that it was supposed to include a map of Seattle but, instead, mine contained a four panel landscape painting of the city, rather than what I would call a "map" (there was no legend, streets and locations were not labeled, etc). I just wanted to make certain that this was as it should be, not a printing error of some kind. Any confirmation would be welcome. Thanks!
Conspiracy X
My copy of SR4A LE had the same 4 panel landscape painting of the city. The amazon desciption states 'and an 11" x 34" double-sided poster of the Seattle skyline'.
JM Hardy
The skyline poster is what it was supposed to have, not a map. Possibly you're getting the LE confused with the Sixth World Almanac, which will have a poster-sized world map.

Jason H.
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