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Full Version: Adept power: weapon concealment
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I've been trying to work out the specifics for a new adept that would allow the adept to increase the concealment rating of the melee weapons he carried. The basic idea my friends and I have come up with is that for .25 power points per level, you gain 2 points of concealment you can add to a melee weapon you carry, or divide the points amongst multiple weapons. Example, Georugi is a melee centric adept, and he has 2 levels of weapon concealment. He can add 4 points of concealment to his katana, bringing it to a total of 7, or he can add 3 points of concealment to the katana and 1 to his wakizashi.

I would appreciate comments and opinions on how to keep this balanced and functional. I'm not intending it to be a [katana|hammer]space, but more of a 'masking' that makes it harder to perceive the weapon, so it would be easier to carry around a more substantial melee weapon than a knife without having to worry about getting harassed.

Costs, values, effects, nothing is set in stone, so any ideas are welcome.
Kanada Ten
I would say it's more of a skill that an adept could add Flexibility dice too...

Conceal skill... every two successes and a conceal (rating) test increases the conceal rating of an item by one (to a maximum bonus of one-half base conceal rating rounded down). Every bonus point to conceal also increases the number of complex actions required to retrieve the item by one. The base time to conceal an item is five minutes. The user can take successes from the conceal bonus to divide the time by.
Adepts already have it. Improved Ability: stealth can be easily applied to concealing weapons.
Thanks for pointing that one out Cain. Would you say that would fall under the 'hiding' use of Stealth? So would it likely be a Open Test with Stealth(hiding) to determine the new concealment of the item, with some modifier based on the previous concealment rating of the object? I.e,. Rolling 10 Dice on the open test (6 stealth and 4 Improved Stealth) with the highest roll, say a 13, modified down by 8 - conceal rating, so for a katana 13 - (8 - 3) = 8? I will have to claim ignorance of a canon reference to something like this, so if you would happen to know the actual mechanics, I'd appreciate the pointer.

Or if it was more of a test like Kanada Ten suggests, wouldn't the target number be harder for items with low conceal ratings?
If all you're looking to do is raise the concealment, Cain is right; no need to invent any new powers. What would require a power is getting it through technological sensors (metal detectors, for instance), if you care about such things. I could definitely see a power that lets you mask your weapons in such a way.
That's be kind of funny, a power that turns the adepts colon into a concealed weapon holster thereby increasing concealability. Just don't quick draw under stress indifferent.gif
Drain Brain
Go here and scroll down...

I'm assuming that you're not going to make an immortal character, but Bull came up with a power I reckon would be about what you're looking for...
Neon Tiger
Here's something you might want to look at.

Cost: 3
Author: Brian King

This ability allows a physical adept to ‘absorb’ objects
into their bodies. These objects can be no larger than the adept
himself though—they include pistols, knives, clothes, silverware
from nightclubs, etc. The adept can only take in his
Body Rating x 2 in kilograms.
Melding/unmelding is a fairly instantaneous process.
Very small objects (keys, bullets, etc.) require a Free Action to
meld/unmeld. Objects around the size of the adept’s hand
(wallets, small knives, shuriken, etc.) require a Simple Action.
Larger objects (pistols, clothing, small computers) require
a Complex Action. At the time of absorption, the adept
must be holding the object. Bullets or projectiles cannot be
absorbed unless they are projectiles the adept has caught with
the missile parry power.
The adept cannot ‘lose’ anything in his body. If he melds
something, it will unmeld in his hand. Objects that are
melded do not exist inside the adept in the same state that
they outside of the adept; they thus do not show up on scanners,
except as an increased amount of the objects’ constituent
elements inside the adept.
The adept may meld foci, but any melded foci must be
bonded to the adept. Adepts may not meld any living, macroscopic
creatures; dust mites may be present on clothing that
is melded, but cockroaches aren’t going to come along for
the ride.
Notes: Some individuals concerned about potential abuses of
this power may limit it by restricting the level of complexity of
objects that are melded. Such a restriction would rule out micronukes,
for example, but not knives or keys. Objects of intermediate
complexity (i.e. pistols) would be up to the GM’s discretion.


Copied and pasted from Adept Handybook.

Now we just need some guy named Bolt Crank. biggrin.gif
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