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Full Version: Water price?
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I need to know the price so that I can use it for the *cough* good of the group.

Is it anywhere in canon? T:WL sounds like it might have it, but I don't know.
Unless an unholy amount is neccesary or you're in a place where water is scarce, I'd let them have it for nothing or a pittance.
QUOTE (Toptomcat)
Unless an unholy amount is neccesary or you're in a place where water is scarce, I'd let them have it for nothing or a pittance.

Oh say like... Southern California

Going to look up Cyberpirates!

According to Cyberpirates water is...

120% of Seattle prices in the Carib
100% of Seattle in Philippines
140% of Seattle in the Gold or Ivory Coasts
10% in the Artic
100/200% in Australia
100% in the Mediterranean
90% in SE Asia
80% in South Africa
100% in the CAS

Doesn't say for CalFree in the little table...
That adds the question: What's the price of water in Seattle?
John Campbell
My take:

If they don't need it, basically free. (I'd roll it into Lifestyle costs and ignore it.)

If they do need it... how much is your life worth to you, chummer? biggrin.gif
T:WL says it can be priceless in the right areas, but it also has a "Create Water" spell so mages & shamans should be OK unless they're unprepared.

Actually the create water spell could be nicely broken as it works anywhere within LOS. Can we say fried electronics people?
IRC correctly, BBB describe low lifestyle as having it's water rationed. That counts for quite a lot of Seattle's population I'd say. And maybe even more folks live below that standard. In the really bad parts of town pure water could be very valuable, I imagine.
If you live in really bad parts of town, you are most likely malnourished or surviving on beer anyway. So the bad water is just another part of your daily misery. Hop a ride to a slighlty better neighborhood and pay the buck a gallon that the rest of us pay.
Those are low and lower lifestyle people. The price doesnt have to be very high to be too high for them. Anyhow that lifestyle stuff seems to be talking more about running water. Maybe 1 nuyen.gif a bottle out of the barrens, 1 nuyen.gif in the barrens for puddle water in a tin can wobble.gif , 2-3 nuyen.gif for something we might be comfortable drinking. If you get into some really deep dark part the problem isn't the price it is finding anyone selling it.
I'm looking for more ideas like Rev, seeing as how a 120% markup doesn't help when I don't know the base price
Crimsondude 2.0
Uh, use today's prices?
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