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Full Version: Cyborgs?
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Is there a ruleset out there for making "jarheads" as characters? Or downloading oneself into a computer and live electronically, kinda like in the Fredrick Pohl Gateway series "Heechee" books?

Thank you!
Argumentation has the jarhead rules. Unwired has E-ghost rule not quite downloading ones self in to a computer permanently though.
Game balance isn't a strong feature of these kind of rules. If the player intends to maximally exploit the rules this will not work out well.
But what I'm saying is a singal player game dosen't need to stick to balance hell if one class if so much harder than another stick a little warning on it. Sure no need for out ragous self rules but no need for every class/way of work being perfectly blanced. Though a game shoudl take in toacount every option in fact if so,e parts are easy for X and others for Y its a more even game.
No, but these rules are great for beating five kinds of drek out of PCs.

Possibly even a previously unknown sixth type, if you design the encounter right!
There's also the quality or rule mentioned in Runner's Companion about having an AI start off as a Ghost in the Machine IIRC.
Simon Kerimov
Free Spirits and Cyborgs might not be that great for game balance with players, but they make great pit fighters.
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