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Full Version: Looking for frieghter deck plans
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Omer Joel
I'll soon have my runners sent to "borrow" certain cargo from a frieghter somewhere in the north Middeterenian; this ship is supposed to be a small/medium frieghter owned by a semi-private (read: corp subsidery) shipping company carrying biotech/medical equipment (and several smuggled flesh-form bugs for said corp's research program - no, it ain't Ares). My google search has so far brought this, which is a bit too low res to use, as well as a large number of irrelevant StarTrek, StarWars and Traveller deck plans. A search of the old Dumpshock forum yealded a thread similar to this, but unfortunately only with dead links. Does anyone know a good place to get useful frieghter (not cruise ship - there are tons of these online) deck plans, especially ones that show the non-cargo (crew, machinery, sickbay etc) areas as well as the cargo ones?

What kind of (local and isolated) Matrix host should a ship like that have?
I run into this problem alot too.

The best thing to do would be to pull out Ye Olde Graph Paper of Death and use the pictures on that site to draw a deck plan.
You could do a thematically Good Enough one by looking at game maps.

Global Operations has a container frieghter for one level. (I'll look for a pic for it in a bit.)
I know Rogue Spear has an oil tanker (level 2, even).

Play these, open the map, take out a pad of paper and get sketching. Or take screenshots galore if you can. (I don't know how smile.gif)

Apparently, there's no Global Ops info to be googled; the "" website redirects to Crave entertainment, with no info on the game. Crud. I /know/ there's an overview of it in-game, but I can't find them online. Sorry. smile.gif

And you could just buy the game, but that'd be a waste IMO -- while it was a good game, there aren't many servers or players. Not nearly as well supported as CS wink.gif
You can find some quite well deck plans right here:

Just click "fleet", choose a ship and download the data sheet.
John Campbell
Nuclear wessels?
wow that site rules.
QUOTE (John Campbell)
Nuclear wessels?

Omer Joel
QUOTE (gknoy @ Mar 2 2004, 11:33 PM)
You could do a thematically Good Enough one by looking at game maps.

Other two games I've been thinking about are Deus Ex (it has a "super frieghter" in it, which, while it's quite small for a "super" one, is nicely done - automated defences included) and X-Com 2: Terror from the Deep (which has ship terror missions, 2-stage anti-alien missions with 4 sublevels each. I'll download the map viewer once I get home).

And the "Wessels" site is great - schematics are in German, but I can understand about 60%-70% of the area titles with my poor German, and most of the rest from location connotations.
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