I was watching a movie last night and my brain decided to bug me with a character concept as a result. In The movie, the main character is the son of a low/mid level gangster boss. He does something to Agitate his dad's boss who wants his hands as compensation. The short version is he gets relocated and discovers Zen Drumming. Part of their training is martial arts (their purpose is so they can know themselves better).

This led me to the concept. I want to take various elements and make a character. I am not, nor have I ever been in a game. If I were, I would not be drain circling with the same tired old concepts (usually adepts revolving around either the WS archetype ot the SS). Assuming a similar background (prior gang history and discovering Zen Drumming) I think he should have a few (low level) crime related skills. Infiltration and con being examples. Also some exposure to forearms (most likely pistols as they are more common...The movie had a hunting scene in it so MAYBE long arms).

Given his personal development, he is now exploring the martial arts/drumming thing. I am thinking Clubs and unarmed (big massive drumsticks and staves). He also needs the appropriate musical skills.

For adept powers, I am thinking that any combat related powers need to be kept somewhat low level. He figured that he was just talented. He only JUST found out it was magic.

For advancement...the Idea is to keep him well rounded but focused. If/when he initiates and gets centering, it will be based on the zen drumming (also thinking about maybe making it a geas...must do it every day to maintain focus (and acess to powers).

Any suggestions for numbers? And on principle I refuse to min/max.