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Full Version: Final DoTA 3 Cover?
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Prime Mover
Found this while wandering the internet. Darkest Hour
Hmm.. Wonder if I'll get PT credit in it... My group worked on that but we folded and never quite got into the whole system.
While we're on it, what's the chance DoTA 3 and 4 will be published this year?
Blue eyes
QUOTE (Hedrik @ Aug 7 2010, 10:53 AM) *
While we're on it, what's the chance DoTA 3 and 4 will be published this year?

Idd anyone know when these are coming out? hopefully this year!
Prime Mover
DoTA has been in a weird limbo. Had a rough start a stuttering release and the follow up Finale book has lost most of it's content due to writers leaving the company. I for one really hope it get's back on track as I really got pulled into the orginal concept and the promise of a sweet follow up book, "bringing the Sixth World to the brink of an eruption of new magical powers".
Can anyone read the adventure description? What disk are they talking about?

Edit: Scratch that, Phaistos Disk. Figured it out.

Out of curiosity, has anyone tried to add to the arc with their own runs elsewhere? I run a game set in Minnesota and I was thinking of making a Verendrye Runestone run.
As best I can determine, the back cover text reads:
Sixth World scholars have long hypothesized the cyclic nature of magic. For years corporations, collectors, and other factions have spent fortunes hunting down surviving relics of this mythical age. The shadows whisper of lost lore and a secret history to the world. A privileged few have come into possession of ancient items of great power and mysterious purpose, artifacts from before recorded history. Now itís your turn.

Eighteen months ago, the Phaistos Disk was stolen from the Heraklion Museum in Athens. Now, Mr. Johnson needs you to find it and bring it back. The hunt will take the runners through the shadows of Europe, and lead to interactions with smugglers, art dealers, and archeologists. If they survive Interpol, Aztechnology, and an ecstatically violent Shadowrunner team, they may just learn who is behind the hunt and why.

Darkest Hour is the third chapter of the Dawn of the Artifacts storyline. This continuing storyline explores the secret history of Shadowrun, and offers clues to the true ruinsSerrind behind the hunt for the artifacts.

The underlined text is the only word(s) I cannot figure out. (it looks sort of like what I typed, and I'm pretty sure that it does end with "ind")
"mastermind" maybe?
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