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Full Version: Add some weapons and call it the Yellowjacket
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a LMG and a rocket pod should make for a nice addition to this baby. And perhaps a rigger interface wink.gif

Now to find a dwarf to fly it wearing a ww1 aviators helmet and goggles.

Of course, a gas engine could keep it aloft for hours. Not that I'd mind running an M240B from the cockpit, be it 90 minutes or 900 nyahnyah.gif
from what i can tell, the propulsion comes from a couple of hydrogen peroxide "rockets" nailed to the rotor tips, not a piston or turbine engine.

this keeps weight down, and makes for a simple design, but drinks fuel like a alcoholic in a vodka factory.
QUOTE (hobgoblin @ Aug 12 2010, 04:11 PM) *
...but drinks fuel like a alcoholic in a vodka factory.

Don't you mean a distillery?

And a rocket-helo sounds like an impressive thing.
same diff wink.gif
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