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Full Version: Cyber-skin question
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This is from a player in my game:

"I was asking because I was planning to get the dynamic handprint nanite system, but then realized I did not have real hands for it to be used on. Also, I asked about the color changing synthetic limb skin because my character already has the color changing skin from Augmentation, but there did not seem to be any similar thing for the artificial limbs besides mechanical modification."

I am of the impression that if it can be done o a real hand, it can be done to a fake hand - for the most part. What do you all think? Is there some rule that I am missing here? Thanks.
I would also go with the ruling you proposed. If it can be done to biology, doing it to non-biology should be possible. If it seems like it would be harder, maybe ask if the player's willing to pay more for it, but if it should be easier, then don't forget to give them a discount. In the end, it's likely to be easier to leave the cost alone.
Dynamic handprints do -not- have a Capacity, so you can't put them in a cyberlimb.

The good news is..... nothing prevents you from taking htem on your Essence anyway.

I would think that a color-changing skin on a synthetic limb would be covered by a cosmetic modification - likely a Cyberlimb Casemod in unwired.

For a more hard rules standpoint, per unwired 199, commlink mods: In addition the mods below, the following options listed under weapon modifications on p 148-53 Arsenal may also be applied to electronics: Ceramic plasteel components, Chameleon coating, Extreme Environment Mod, Gecko Grip, Metahuman Customization, Propulsion systems, Skinlink, Tracker.
The same book has even more Electronics and Sensor options on 58: The following options are available to all electronic devices and sensor systems. (then goes on to list them)

Cyberlimbs are, in fact, electronic devices with a device rating. So if you're looking for a way to do it within the system......
Chameleon coat the limb in question for 1 grand, and don't look back.

That's the RAW perspective. But, pretty much, what Dashifen said. If you can do it to a real limb, you can do it to fake one. Don't be afraid to make a GM call.
Ditto: just pay for a ruthenium coating. That's basically the only mod I'd allow on a cyberlimb (propulsion system? nyahnyah.gif), but no reason you couldn't. If necessary, pay for the Case Mod option and *then* pay for the ruthenium.
I can see a "living skin" mod for synthetic cyberlimbs.

After all, they have an option to put living skin on a drone.

They have an option to put living skin on a drone? "Your clothes. Give them to me."
Yeah, the Mimic option for anthrodrones actually has living flesh layered over the drone, supported by bio-pack. Needs to be maintained or the flesh dies.

Gross. smile.gif I didn't realize. It should be more expensive.
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