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Full Version: So whats been going on?
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Hey guys and girls. I have been lurking around now and then to see whats up with the new release schedule and I haven't seen anything pop up so it's time to put the question up. So to the powers that be, how is the schedule going for new material, mainly how is Shadows of Europe coming alone.

Ancient History
I'm not one of the Powers, but last I heard was April.
Shadows of Europe is in layout/proofing now, and is scheduled for an April release.

Man and Machine reprint should be hitting stores in early April, also.
Drain Brain
''let me just say that what caused the delay in SoE's release date probably affected the overall schedule; if I'm not mistaken MrJLBB is also slightly behind. However, last I heard Rob Boyle is doing his utmost for these books to come out in quick sucession and get the schedule back on track.''
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