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For the past few days, I have been exploring how to grow my spirit-possessed army of runners via the crime syndicate rules.

Syndicate.. hmmm.. and suddenly a flashback came to me a few mins ago.. there was a game in the 90s called syndicate which was about kidnapping civilians, outfitting them with cybernetics, brainwashing them/wiping away their minds, and getting them to perform shadowruns..

How eerily similar to the inspirations i had for that spirit-possessed army.. now you all know where i get the ideas from..
QUOTE (pattyhulez @ Aug 21 2010, 12:45 PM) *
now you all know where i get the ideas from..

My life was empty and meaningless without that. Thank you. Thank you again and again.
QUOTE (Fatum @ Aug 21 2010, 03:52 AM) *
My life was empty and meaningless without that. Thank you. Thank you again and again.

I seem to remember miniguns and aiming at enemy's dropped explosives to cause multi-super explosions.
Why bother when you can just bring Gauss Guns (or what were they called there?) and blow everything ever up?
The real problems started in the advanced missions where enemy agents had lasers or gauss guns or that, too.
Also, I loved the agent customization interface, where you got to see all the fancy ware you put into them.
Satellite rain a never ending stream of satellite rain, nuclear hand grenades, plasma lance, and of course the persuadatron. The minigun was the WEAKEST weapon you started with. The cyborgs in that game would rip the head of a cyberzombie bare handed if they ever took the time to put down there many many heavy weapons. It would be like the Major and her team went rampaging across the globe through cities, capturing people, killing people, plowing things up...

Syndicate Wars was an amazing game. There were something like 200 plus levels and they got insanely difficult towards the end. It is over stating it to call it the best cyberpunk pc game I know of but nothing better comes to mind. Good luck getting it to run right on pc though. It was one of the last games to run on dos, probably just because they reused resources from Syndicate Plus.

Monowire and tanks (Most modded, most armoured) made for epic looting opportunities.

Miniguns, you could fire all day on them. Gauss rounds, well, 3 of those and you hope some of the bad guys drop SOMETHING. Laser = no able-body captures.

Using the "van" to mow your way through a crowd of "presuaded" living armour....ok, that was uber.

The Australian missions were 1: Fun and 2: Painful. I just remember blowing up that "intercept" mission soo many times, just to crack out the big guns and cheese the place.

The last mission in the Atlantic was hard, but nowhere near as hard as some of the early ones where you had no cash and the tech curve was taking forever. (*captured weapons, oh, yes...)

Oh, the mission in the Atlantic was a breeze, really. Pew-pew-everyone's dead, basically.
And I present to you, everything you need to play Syndicate Wars:

Syndicate Wars
btw i can recommend D-Fend Reloaded, it's a nice userfriendly Windows GUI/Launcher to customize presets of DOSBox for each seperate game (installer comes bundled with a stable DOSBox release and its freeware)

edit for the link:

as always gl hf =)
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