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Full Version: Body to Body comparison
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Simon Kerimov
Do all of the written Body attributes mean the same thing? I'm trying to get some idea of what a Body 4 human looks like in comparison to a Steel Lynx, or a Dodge Scoot.
Well, one looks like a human, another looks like a Steel Lynx Drone, and another looks like it'd make great target practice. nyahnyah.gif

Honestly, "Body" is a statistic of how "Tough" something is and how much punishment it can take from a variety of different things, and isn't neccessarily a "Size" per say. Size does come into play, yes, but not as much as general toughness.

Short answer: no.

I assume you mean size. The 'meaning' of Body is somewhat consistent within the categories of 'vehicle' and 'critter/meta'; spirits can be basically anything.

For living things (critter/meta), we also know that the scale really breaks down when considerations of 'toughness' and augmentation get involved; a Body 12 troll isn't vastly bigger than a Body 6 one, while a Body 3 human could be half the mass of a Body 4 human. There's tons of variation to ruin any scale we'd make.

For vehicles, things are a *little* better, because the Body ratings tend to determine categories. Unfortunately, hard-to-define 'toughness' is still a factor here. *shrug*
Hard to determine?

Come on, Roshambo! nyahnyah.gif
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