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Full Version: Building in the meta planes.
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Lets say you are a free spirit PC. You can travel back to your home metaplane at will and stay there indefinitely. Metahuman travelers can use adept powers there as if they had a body. All travelers use physical stats instead of only mental attributes. Any cyberware there can be used as normal.
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So what is stopping someone from building or renting a home there. It is not clear what non magical items you can bring with you, and whether anything you leave behind lasts. But someone with enough skills in building things could presumably make a log cabin. Possibly make flint spears and arrows, or buy some stuff from the locals if the metaphor of that plane allows for that level of civilization.

It seems like nothing can physically be brought into or out of the metaplanes. But that this does not stop you from owning thing in both worlds.
While I find the free spirit (AI, sentient creatures..) rules interesting to look at, I'm not really keen on their inclusion as PC's. It mostly seems to me that it's a grab at having the most interesting character on the block without actually trying to make it interesting yourself. Then again, me and my group tend to play more for the RP factor, not to acquire cool loot, power, and what not (I know, I know, what the hell are we doing playing Shadowrun?)

That being said, hopefully it didn't sound too assish, I see nothing wrong with a spirit having such stuff. That could be their crash space, even, considering. The only problem I see with it is that it's kind of a cheat considering the alledged rarity of magicians in SR. In the inevitable case of some group seeking retribution for your groups' actions, the spirit would be virtually inaccessible.

I would personally have to say nothing is stopping you from owning real estate in both, if you wish. The first thing I see that might be an issue is that the main setting is Earth, not some distant, unheard of, metaplane. While you might not be there all the time, by owning goods there you obviously have an interest there, too.

And my last concern is the rest of the players. If you all are a bunch of plane-hopping magically delicious types then cool. They can keep up, either by themselves or through those spirit powers that allow even mundanes to go astral.

The game could be some institution's effort to map (control) more of the Astral. I could imagine the fun of going from plane to plane, setting up bases of operation for you and your buddies. You could even make it Shadowrunish by having competition set up home offices, too. Ares finds a futuristic world where they have developed weapon technology beyond our own. And while physical goods can't be taken out, there's nothing to stop some wiz-kid mathematician from memorizing a formula, schematic, blueprint, etc. Of course the other megas would like their own slice of this pie, and would like to see the others get less...
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