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Full Version: 4th edition to 3rd edition conversion
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Hiho - someone would have probabily already covered this, but a 4th ed character to 3rd would just be reverse-engineering the 3rd-4th conversion from the publishers? (obviously with some adjustments)

Planning on tossing a TM at the team sometime in the future, I think it's workable (ie:Whoa, weird kind of Okatau here... What, wait, whatthehell?!)

Thoughts, suggestions, torments?

That should freak people right out.
Hell yes. I'm trying to imagine our decker trying to analyse this guy's "programs".

"WTF? I'm running an Excaliber with the trimmings and all I get is, "Object not found?! Which moron programmed this thing <Pause> ...uh, that's me. Dammit, this psychosis loop is starting to really grow on me...""
"Ok Okatau freakshow, I don't care if you're wondering when your big-boy hairs are gonna grow in, I'm going to....wwwwwwwwwwwwwwhhat the frag?! Ok, that's it, Hammertime."

Frankly, I think having hints of the future (ala the bugs, etc) makes for creepy metaplot.

Delivering skinless men with teeth where their eyes should be to your door since the low 2000's
Especially great in places like Toyko, whitch already have wireless matrix links. Tokyo even has holoprojectors to overlay the matrix with reality.

Buy yeah, throw a few submersions under the TM's belt, and he becomes a terror. Especially if the group has a rigger...

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