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Oi Chums,

Just thinking a bit about the Knowledge skill "Data Havens". Now I would assume it would be anough for the PC to say "I have some knowledge of a few Data Havens and how to find and acess them." I am wondering if any one here has compiled a list of Data Havens and the source book (books?) you could find them in?

Sixth World Wiki has a very incomplete, and often duplicated in the case of the Denver Nexus, list.

I have been meaning to do this for myself but that is a lot of books. Stretching all the way back to 2nd Ed. If a few of us here dropped a couple they can remeber I think we could compile the list relatively easy.

Lets start with the ones I know where to find mostly current 4thEd data on...

Shadow Sea, the Dark Emerald: Seattle: Runner Havens Pg. 99
Denver Data Haven, The Nexus: F.R.F.Z.: City of Shadows Box Set 2nd ED., 22
Asgard: L.E.O.: 10 Jackpointers pg. 25, Unwired pg. 22
Library of Congress: U.C.A.S: pg.22 Unwired
Dumpshock: You're looking at it Chum!! cyber.gif

And a few I don't know where to find the data
The Helix
Kalinin Data Haven
Manchester Data Haven: No Info I could find in "London Sourcebook"
Morgue Data Haven
Mosaic Data Haven
The Outpost
The Round Square
Triads Online

These are just a few and I know there are more.
Hey if you have cobbled together one of your own add it to this post.

For good data we need [ Name or Names] [Physical Locale] [Sourcebook & Pg#]

Happy Hunting. grinbig.gif
There were a number of "ShadowLand" BBSes that backed up in the Denver Data Nexus. I think I recall the Toronto one going down because someone stumbled upon a fiber optic cable that wasn't supposed to be there...

Oh, and you forgot The JackPoint.
Oi Chum,

Any source info on the Toronto BBS? I know a lot of the shadow land nodes back up to the Nexus.
Now we need to locate them. scatter.gif

Thanks. Your right I did not include Jackpoint.

Jacpoint, VPN116j14:No Physical Location: Runner Havens. pg 100,10 Jackpointers pg.1, Most 4th Ed sourcebooks:pg 1
I thought the Helix was in asia somewhere. Hong Kong maybe?

will dig out my copy of 3e matrix book tommorow.

edit: nvm, can't sleep anyhow.

The Helix is in The Hague, United Netherlands, is (was?) the second largest data haven, is the Euro equivalent of the Nexus in denver.

The Round Square is in the carib league, look for more info in Cyberpirates maybe?

not much there. will check Target: matrix tomorrow. I mean it this time.

EDIT2: this info is all out of date anyhow, we don't know how many were lost in crash2.0
Oi Fix-it,

Nice work. If you can include pg.#s so I can follow up on what you found that would be awesome.
Tanks again!!
From Target Matrix:
p.27/28 Shadowland has/had nodes in atleast Seattle, New York, Boston, New Orleans, Atlanta, FDC(Federal Districk of Columbia?), Oakland, LA, Dallas, Halifax, Denver, Quabeck City, Vancouver, Cheynne, Las Vegas, Havana, Merseysprawl(UK), Frankfurt, Sicily, Kuwait, Okinawa, Honshu, Seoul, Sydney, Guam and Hawaii
Asgard: L.E.O.: p34
Azziwatch: Texas: p37
The Helix: Hague, Netherlands: p39
Kalinin: Free State of Konigsberg: p43
Manchester Data Haven: p45
The Morgue: Singapore(inside MRG): p47
Mosaic: Vladivostok: p51
Johnny B. Good
I remember reading somewhere that The Nexus is the biggest data haven out there. It's a staggeringly massive junkpile of data. Information that people either wouldn't, couldn't or didn't sell usually ends up there. Sure there's a lot of trash like detailed biometrics on every urban brawl player ever, gene sequences for 11 different kinds of fruit flies and the collected accounting reports of Sony's fourth quarter circa 2042, but there are some gems down there.
ah right, it was the Morgue who was in asia. man my memory is going.

anyway, more information on the Manchester data haven is on pg45 of Target: matrix, and all the previous stuff I posted was pg157 of 3e Matrix book.

Oi Chums,

Awesome work. This list looks great and with source info to go along with it we have a working list of Shadow Nodes for our hackers to dive into and grab the good data. Thanks.
Bob's Bit Bucket BBS, for all your Data Dumping needs!
Other than these just being places to go on the trix, what "theme" do many of these have? What does shadowlands look like, how is the Hive different from the Nexxus ect?
If memory serves, wasn't the Denver Nexus expanded from the old US Department of Defense Database that housed the results for ever scientific endeavor funded by the United States? Like the flow rate of ketchup under varying temperatures, and similarly monotonously inconsequential information.
Patrick Goodman
Azziewatch is still around. Most of what they say they did in Target: Matrix, they still do, though Corona's having to go it with less help. Midnight Angel and the Iridescent Ferret both perished in Crash 2.0.

I'm working on documentation for that Real Soon Now....
Mosaic was also detailed in Shadows of Asia, p.138-139.
Quick questions:

a) How deep with the MFID is the Morgue now, after the Crash?
b) What's the premier data haven for the South-East Asian Matrix?
Tymeaus Jalynsfein
Our Campaign had:

The Mountain - Located somewhere in/near Hong Kong.
Kuala Lumpur Hacker Haven
Data Tesseract
The Trading Post - Cracker VPN.
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