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Full Version: Countess Glendower
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Outside of the mention in the old London Source book and other brief touches in Shadows of Europe has any one ever done a write up on the Lady Rhiannon Glendower? Things like age, parents, schooling? Heck, is there even a picture/drawig of the lady?
I'm pretty sure there's not...any of that, really. Unless (for some crazy reason) it was in one of the German-language-only sourcebooks, I don't know of anything official anywhere. Rhiannon got her job on July 8th, 2043, according to Sixth World Almanac...and I think that's the only new-ish info on her.

For what it's worth, there isn't really information about age, parents, schooling (or even artwork) for most national/megacorp leaders, really. It's all pretty vague, partially because it won't matter much in your average game (compared to other topics that such word count could be devoted to), and partially to leave it open to individual GM's, I'd imagine.
Kinda figured that but wanted to make sure I had not missed something. Gonna have to write some of it up as my players are making a run at her interests and are gonna want to dig up as much info as possible.
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