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Full Version: In-progress online Matrix run
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In case it helps anyone, I've GM'ing a Matrix run online with a single player at my website:

We've had one restart due to a mixup on my part, but we've gotten past it and as of the 4th of September, the first cybercombat has started between his decker and a Probe-IC. It's all Third Edition.

Good looking site, the picture looks like the harbour bridge.
Note that Seattle is an RTG rather than LTG, one of several UCAS RTG's.
On a tangent, what elements of SR4's wireless matrix do you envision converting to 3rd ed?
Thanks for the comment, and thanks to everyone who visited my site.

As far as the conversion of the wireless Matrix, I'd like to convert the whole kit-n-caboodle. I really like the whole thing, conceptually. Honestly, I don't see how the conversion will be that difficult; just add comm-links to the game (BTW, did they REALLY think "comm-link" was a good name for those little goodies? C'mon, we're not playing Star Frontiers, here... and before I get flamed, I LOVE Star Frontiers) and keep all of the stats. Keep the procedures. Keep the programs and the ware. Doncha just need to figure out TN's for everything? You can keep all the current decker info just as it is... heck you could even keep the second Matrix crash, if you dig it.

I love the idea of Technomancers... what an unusual concept I've never seen anywhere else, although once again I think they're in dire need of a new name. Once again, keep everything, just figure out TN's.

I'm sure it's all not that easy... there will be issues, but I honestly think it could all be worked out. I just don't have the time.. and I gotta say this, even if it makes me sound shallow: I dislike the artwork on the front cover sooooo much (not the Anniversary edition, which is Beautiful) I don't even like picking up the 4th Edition book.

I'd love to hear your ideas on the thing, including any negative comments.

QUOTE (Dragon835 @ Sep 6 2010, 09:05 AM) *
I love the idea of Technomancers... what an unusual concept I've never seen anywhere else...

Except when the Otaku were around. nyahnyah.gif
You can lift most of the flavor of the wireless Matrix as just that: flavor. If you want, rename all the cyberdecks as commlinks. It mostly works. PAN? Still flavor. AR? Mostly flavor. You have to mess with the system a bit to get runners hacking everyone else's personal equipment, but you can do it.

The one thing you're missing is the AR programs that have mechanical effects. You can write them up SR3-style, or you can just leave them out. But a lot of it writes itself. What is a smartlink but a combination of AR and improved guns?
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