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Full Version: Implanted/Bioware/SURGED Gills and Underwater Hazards
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OK I have read the rules/usages of implanted/gills/SURGED in Augmentation and the Underwater hazards in Arsenal.

I can understand the OXSYS artificial gill has depth limitations due it is still converting oxygen from the water back into a gas form of oxygen the user breathes. Converts the CO2 gases back into water so bubbles are not being expelled.

My understanding of the implanted/bioware/surged gills extract oxygen from the water then the oxygen is directly supplied to the red blood cells in the blood stream at the gills. Such gills directly puts the CO2 from the red blood cells back into the water.

My questions are this:

Is a characters with implanted/bioware/surged gills subject to the depth limitation of OXSYS artificial gills have ie 7 meters(25 feet)?

In Underwater hazards it groups the OXSYS artificial gill into the shallow water zone which max safe depth is 10 meters. Typo? or ?

Does the 3 levels of Gills in Augmentation offset the depth one can dive ie level 1 shallow water, level 2 SCUBA diving, level 3 Deep Water diving?

What level of gills does a SURGED character get? or is it up the character?

If there is no limitation on dive depth for implanted/bioware/surged gills can a character with such get the Bends?

I understand diving at depths still subjects the diver to temperature effects at those depths, ie cold, and the diver has to be prepared for such.
Saint Sithney
Implanted gills have no stated depth limits, so they are hypothetically unlimited. A person's body might hit a bottom limit though. All that pressure takes its toll.
The 3 available gill types only decide whether the recipient suffers a -2 penalty in water or on land, or -1 for both.
Surge gills can have the same options as decided by the player during chargen.

If you want to interpret depth based on gill type, that's just a GM call. Nothing wrong with that. smile.gif
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