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Full Version: Resonance Realms
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I really enjoyed the idea of "Resonance Realms" but was disappointed that we only got a few examples, the City in Conflict, the Digital Library of Alexandria, and the Matrix World Tree. I thought I'd throw out another one and see what everyone else had in mind as well.

[ Spoiler ]
Caprica for the win?
LOL, I was going to add that it was a mix of New Cap City and Tron.
Read Tad Williams' "Otherland" series. It's 4 huge books about a VR world that is more "R" than "V". Instead of coming and going freely, people get locked in and have to be hospitalised (think Crash 2.0). I think some of the descriptions in it would be rather awesome in regards to Resonance Realms and such.
+1 to all actions in the Matrix (just about)? That bonus is way better than all other bonuses. I'd tone that down.
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