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So I keep kicking around the idea of a storyline or entire campaign using Brothers Grimm style fairy tales with a 6th world spin.
I'm still trying to figure out exactly why this is happening and which stories I could use, but I think I like the idea.

Something like...
Rumplestilstkin style passcode adventure
Cyber Troll under the bridge
Snow White and the 7 dwarf mercs
Rapunzel extraction

Any ideas?

A lot of the original Grimm's tails had cannibalism, torture, and witchcraft in them. Wendigos, snuff BTL, and evil mages / free spirits?
Play Changeling: The Lost?

More seriously, I would consider the possiblity of either a Free Spirit as the Mr. J. or some rich kid with a Peter Pan complex.

You could take it in a sinister direction by having there be more than merely playing make beleive. Perhaps the Rapunzel is going to become a joy-girl for the guy. And maybe the troll under the bridge is in truth some one who wronged him, once upon a time. Snow White could be the girl who broke his heart, the Rumplestiltskin could be a tech who used to work for him, but left taking vital information.

The only reason I suggest something like a Free Spirit is because of the fanciful angle these sort of runs would take. You could make it a dragon, even, or an Immortal Elf, playing some silly game like the Harlequin module of old...
Not exactly brothers grim but look up Baba Yaga
She probably exists in the 6th world exactly how she does in the stories. You would meet her in an astral quest as a hedge witch, or she is actually human, old, immortal, and existed before the awakening. Preferably the first and then and then you find out the second.

To be sent to Baba Yaga is the same as saying you are sent to death. Dawn, Midday, and Dusk are knights and her vassals (ally spirits). She has great wisdom and magic. Many go to her for advice but she is does not give out her knowledge willingly. Really she is almost certainly what Hansel and Gretel was based off of. Except Baba Yaga lives in no gingerbread house, does not get killed, and at the end of the story Gretel goes back to her family with a skull lantern on a stick that snuff out the lives of her evil step mother and two sisters. Happy end. No really.

Hansel and Gretel could easily be made a shadow run. Fattening up people before eating them... but with out other elements it does not quite come across. A mad ghoul witch, kidnaps people (possibly children), fattens them up.
Alternately a corp that figuratively fattens up there employees. Presenting a very sweet life, getting more and more people to sign up, and then something horrible; experiments, organ harvesting, insect spirits, what ever.
I'm liking this. Thanks for the info on Vasilisa, Badmoodguy - I wasn't aware of that connection. Russian folk tales fascinate me. Rusalkas would make wonderful twisted water spirits ^_^
Prince Charming or whoever wants you to track down the Cinderella that he met in a VR session. Not sure how exactly the Grimm version of that one played out, but it could translate.

Heck, you can do the same thing by darkening Disney movies as plotlines. It doesn't take a lot of work for Aladdin (Ja'Far or whoever uses my favorite Inhabitation trick to become a djinn, but without the slave-ish bracers. That's kinda a scary BBEG right there) or the Little Mermaid, and some of the other classic stories can be darkened fairly well and given a Cyberpunk Makeover.

Just stay away from the Lion King, no matter how many Shifters your group has. That just doesn't make sense. Although a mecha-pumba would be a fun fight.
-stealing a flying elephant biodrone
-some free spirit in a rabbit realistic form takes your mage on a metaplanar quest
-then there's Basil the Rat Shaman investigator who constantly interferes
-that wierd deformity changeling up in the old bell tower. rumor has it, he controls some nasty gargoyles for his business
-and get rid of that stupid frog who's constantly stalking your girl claiming he's some unique shapeshifter
-when karma was rolling in, you should send your team to retrieve your long lost brother from the yucatan jungle. he actually did pretty well alone, cause he made friends with the local wolf shifter tribe
I don't know if it necessarily has to be silly.
Most of those stories are actually pretty dark.
They usually end with someone getting mangled or eaten.

I'd mostly be using the story themes and character archetypes.
We'll see where it goes.

Little Red Riding Hood?
the PC's have a simple delivery job, but it turns out they're delivering to a big bad wolf wink.gif
I did a newspost once for a game I play where I did the news articles based on the Disney fairytales, if they went horribly wrong. Trying to remember what I was playing with:

Thief arrested for kidnapping member of royal family
Woman kills competition in online beauty contest
Woman dies in sleep, discovered to be royal heir
Creole woman contracts rare disease from contact with toxic frog
Japanese Imperial State to execute woman for impersonating warrior
Soldier Dishonorably Discharged For Underage Relations With NAN child
Town rescues villager, slayed shapeshifter kidnapper
Mermaids arranging sinking of ships
Young woman sent for psychiatric help, believes she talks to mice.

Things of that nature. smile.gif

You could give it the most hideous spin, or something more like Shrek where they put the twist on the whole fables as well. I remember a children's story where the hero had to rescue the dragon from the evil princess. Also, if you read the webcomic Goblins,, you'll see the standard good versus evil being flipped, which can make the stories that much more interesting. If you have access to the Hunter books, Urban Legends I believe did some fairy tales as an option for plots featuring vampires, shapeshifters, ghosts, etc.
If a role reversal of good vs. evil is wanted, I would also recommend Eva Froward's "Villains by Necessity". In addition to being good, fun, and clever there's a trick this assassin has I would love to turn into a PhyAd power...
Daddy's Little Ninja
Hansel and Gretel is a wendigo tale. In some more gory versions Hansel is being fattened up. Gretel is working-an apprentice for the witch. That would fit with a wendigo trying to corrupt others into cannibalism too.

Cinderella: A corp exec is stealling all the credit for a hard working underling. There is a big corp meeting coming up where she is going to take all the credit for her and her favorites for a big promotion to the home office. The runners must get the underling into the meeting with the proof of her work-without littering the hallways with lots of broken guards.
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