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Full Version: Glamour/Nasty Vibe and VR
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Does the Metagenetic trait "Glamour" (Runner's Companion p113) work over VR? It gives you a +3 dice pool modifier to all social skill tests except intimidation as long as you play nice and works on "Sapient beings". RAW it doesn't say one way or the other, which leads me to believe that it does work over VR. Part of Glamour seems to be that you not only look pretty, but act in a way that is pleasing to others, and that should carry over to VR.

There is another metagenetic trait - Nasty Vibe which gives +3 to Intimidation Tests and any attempt to instill fear in sapient beings. Does this also work over VR or AR? Can you call someone on the phone and be extra threatening? Can you be a particularly nasty icon?

Finally, both of these traits come with a distinctive style. Does distinctive style always shine through any VR sculpting you might do to your Icon?

Any opinions/advice people have on this would be appreciated.
IMO neither of them works over the matrix, they're both paranatural effeckts affecting people wathing you.
But also i dont' think the distinctive style from them would carry over matrix.
Agreed; none of it works over VR, including the penalty.
Not even with ultra violent nodes?
Those are so ultra violent that you're already infra dead, though.
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