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Full Version: "Named" Runners
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I was wondering if there was a sourcebook out there that detailed the named NPCs of the SR world. We see them as screennames on the various Shadowland texts, and I'd be interested in knowing more about the people behind the name Fastjack, the Smiling Bandit, SPD, Captain Chaos, The Neon Samurai, etc etc.
Crimson Jack
I thought Ancient History had something like that on his site...?
Frag-o Delux
Target: Matrix has a few, but other then that I don't think so. Prime Runners a source book for 2ed. had a bunch of people in there, if they show up in the novels, I don't know. If they are shadow talkers, I don't know, I don't remember any shadowtalk from them, then again I don't remember much of the PR SB.
Kanada Ten
Prime Runners, the OoP source book contained such data.
Prime Runners had details on Michael S-something (appeared in the novel Nosfuratu) and Rhonbwy <sp>, the GD hanging around Wales or so. The reporter from Pime Runners also played as a key character in something or another in Europe I think.

Target: Matrix has info on lots of the posters throughout the books, including Fastjack, Smiling Bandit, Slam-O, the Dead Deckers Society, and many many others.

Dragons of the Sixth World has info on, well, the dragons. Perianwyr from the Mercurial adventure, spelling out that Hestaby is the Orange Queen if we weren't already sure and letting us in on her bio, Lofwyr, the members of the Draco Foundation (Aina and Nadja have both appeared in novels). Pretty much any dragon you want to know about, it's in DotSW.

Bios of some of the guys from the Denver Data Haven and the Nexus are detailed in the Denver sourcebook as well as the council members in Denver (important in Year of the Comet Denver stuff)... know, I just realized Harlequin's never really detailed anywhere. Everything we know about him is what we've (and by "we" I mean Ancient History) has pieced together through bits here and there. Even in Harlequin and Harlequin's Back, we don't learn too much about him.

Tir Tairngire details all the Princes as much as you can, with Shadows of North America updating that...

Okay, I think I've gone a bit off what you asked for, but pretty much half the sourcebooks have some background info about somebody, esp. the location-type books. Hell, even Fields of Fire, the mercenary sourcebook and gearbook, has some nasty little details about a certain street sam with a hatred for Ares...

The Abstruse One
QUOTE (Abstruse) know, I just realized Harlequin's never really detailed anywhere.  Everything we know about him is what we've (and by "we" I mean Ancient History) has pieced together through bits here and there.  Even in Harlequin and Harlequin's Back, we don't learn too much about him.

In a way, he's detailed everywhere, in small pieces- it seems that half the sourcebooks have a few Laughing Man quotes running around in the shadow chatter. Put them all together and you get a picture of him. In particular, the DotSW, TT, and Aztlan books; plus the two shorts "Post Mortem" and "Wyrm Talk" and the book Worlds Without End, and finally the first Harlequin adventure (you learn very little about him in Back).
Ancient History
I was working on something like that a long time ago; but all the recent sourcebooks add like 50 Shadowposters on average.

IEs and GDs screen names can be found in the Immortals section, however.
I can tell you about my characters and the ones of my group that were included in the some of the books. The characters that where added to the list of shadowrunners were

Tor: Ex-military Minotaur Adept with a hatred for Aztech
Judge: A human Face/jack of all trades
Tanaka: Elven Wolf shaman (so far I have only seen him in YotC)
Negative Burn or just Burn: Human Decker with a desire for creating chaos
Rod: Human B&E expert

Although I never had any characters that ran with Slamm-o, I know the guy who created him. I could ask him for a description.

PS: If anyone has seen these names listed, please let me know! All the above characters would have only shown up after FASA went under. I have only started reading the recent books and Tanaka is the only one I have seen so far ... however there was mention of a character named Tor on page ~37 of YotC, but that isn't my character.
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